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Anushka Sharma, Sanya Malhotra Serve Up Inspiring Ways To Style Short Hair

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The good thing about short hair is that it’s short. The bad thing, it’s short. You feel like you want to play around but there’s so little to work with. Then again,  however you want to keep it- a bob, pixie cut or if you are gutsy enough even a buzz cut – looks gorgeous. If there is anything that stops people from chopping their locks off, is the fact that short hair is tougher to style. We are here to overturn that misconception; this winter pull off any one of these stunning short hair styles. Trust me, you will be turning heads everywhere you go!

Loose and Messy Waves

Anushka, who has been sporting the short-haired look all year now, has really shown us various ways to style it. From front fringes to a bed-head look, her hairstylist seems to enjoy playing around with her short tresses. The recent look that caught our eye though, was her in loose and messy beachy waves, with a side parting. If you have short hair that is naturally wavy, definitely try this one out. Don’t forget to tuck one side behind your ear though, that is what really brings the look together.

Pushed-back waves

Angelina Joseph, a celebrity hairstylist, has styled Kalki’s hair on multiple occasions. But this one was our absolute favourite. A pushed back, messy look, looks stunning since it leaves your hair looking voluminous and brings out your cheekbones. It isn’t complicated to recreate as well, all you need to do is loosely curl your hair and back-comb them. Pin the front up, teasing your hair to add volume and to give it plenty of character.

The Punk Pixie Cut

Giving us major punk vibes, Kristen’s hair game is always on point. She is totally slaying her brunette pixie-cut with blonde tips. If you think there aren’t many things you can do with a pixie cut, think again. To recreate this look, just back-comb your hair sleekly at the the back but allow for plenty of movement in the front.

The Braided Victorian

Our favourite activist/actress is no stranger to short hair. Earlier this year, she turned up at an event hosted by NYtimes with a hairstyle that took us back to the Victorian era. The simple yet sophisticated look can be achieved rather easily. All you need to do is part your hair at the centre, braid your hair on both sides from the front all the way to the back and that’s it. Finish it up at the base of your neck! If you have bangs or fringes, pin those back as well!

Short Tight Curls in a Messy Bun

This pixie-cut, messy-bun hybrid hairstyle is a great way to tame frizzy stubborn curls. Sanya Malhotra has always given us some effortlessly cool ideas on how to style short but curly hair. This look is something you can recreate practically on a daily basis. All you need to do is tie your curls up in a bun and pull out a few strands from the front. Didn’t think it could be that easy, did you?

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