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Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Now Available In India And Here’s What We Want To Buy

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If you haven’t heard this yet, Anastasia Beverly Hills is now available in India. Yup, you’re reading this right – you can get your hands on ABH on Sephora. A few years ago, of the biggest tragedies of being a beauty buff in India was the lack of brands available. I mean, there are only so many times you can ask your uncle’s best friend’s daughter to get you your skincare and makeup fix from phorun. But, I must admit the situation has improved greatly thanks to both Sephora and Nykaa aggressively investing in bringing the best of beauty to India. And to celebrate the fact that getting your hands on Anastasia Beverly Hills has never been easier (can you tell I am excited?). I’ve created a list of Anastasia Beverly Hills products I’m saving up for, and you should too!

Anastasia Soare is the woman behind the brow revolution and it would be borderline disrespectful to not buy one of her cult brow products. The brow pomade is up there for beauty editors and junkies alike for the simple reason that it allows you to create natural brows, but better.

The brush #12 and the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade are a match made in heaven. The brush allows you to make the precise strokes you need to create a feathered brow. You can fill in the bald spots in your brow without it looking too intense.

The Modern Rennaisance palette is a YouTuber favourite for a reason – the palette boasts of stunningly pigmented shadows that apply like an absolute dream. The versatile combination of rosy and earth hues allow you to create a variety of eye looks.

The dip brow gel basically takes the best parts of the brow pomade and condenses it into an easy to carry, makeup kit must-have. Although, makeup guru Wayne Goss has warned that the product isn’t the best choice for those who have thicker brows, since it can make your brows look too thicc, yes, I am aware that I spelled that with two c’s. We would still get it because, well, love.

If it’s good enough for the Kardashians, then you can bet that the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour is good enough for us mere mortals. If we can look that snatched, count us in.

The Riviera palette is inspired by paradise and the sun-soaked yellows, dreamy pinks and peaches and sultry metallics. They pack enough of a punch to create the perfect summer-romance looks that’ll make you catch flights, not feelings.

Our only complaint is that the Brow Wiz and liquid lipsticks aren’t here yet, but *crosses fingers* hopefully they’ll be here in the blink of an eye.



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