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Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Dropping A New Eyeshadow Palette. There Goes Our Salary!

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Yes, we know. You don’t get Anastasia Beverly Hills in India. But hey, we are allowed to get excited about a new product launch, especially one that looks promising. *Immediately gets extra friendly with cousin in the US.* So, ABH is coming out with a new eyeshadow palette that they have been teasing us with on social media. The palette doesn’t come out till later in July, but here’s why we are going gaga over this it.

First of all, it’s a palette that’s named after founder, Anastasia Soare’s daughter, and the president of the brand, Claudia Norvina Soare. It’s called Norvina. Anything they put their name to aims to please, and we can expect that this one will hit it right out of the park.

According to E!, Soare has said, about the new palette, “I’m nervous because it has my name on it. Usually, I’m not nervous because this is my job; this is what I do. But because my name is on it, it’s definitely giving me some emotions that I’m not used to.”

Clearly, they want this one to do well. But what has got me practically jumping for joy is the shade selection. Yes, there are the regular browns and crease shades, and the rich orange that the house of ABH prefers, but it also has a bunch of purples and pinks that look stunning. Plus, they have thrown in a whole row of what looks like foiled shadows and that’s got to be something!

If ABH’s Modern Renaissance palette is anything to go by, this should be a fabulous product. Of course, there was the dampener that was Subculture, but this Norvina palette should make that a distant memory.


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