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Ananya Panday Served Up Wavy Hair Styles That Are Both Cute And Easy To Do And We’re Copying Them

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In the hair world, it is the wavy-haired lasses that have the most fun. This texture is just OTT enough to step out of the house without teasing it and simple enough to style it, straighten it or tie it. There is not a lot of tending that wavy hair needs, apart from being well-conditioned and hydrated. Even if you aren’t any good with heat-tools, achieving some pretty waves won’t be that difficult. There are so many ways you can DIY to define your ways…hair bands, bubble buns and wet braids are just to name a few. We can credit the versatility of wavy tresses for Ananya Panday’s MANY fun hairstyles, most of which can be re-created right in the confines of our room!

The actress is currently doing the promotional junket rounds for her film Pati, Patni Aur Woh. The cute and quirky hair looks her stylists Sajan Thapa and Ayesha DeVitre have been creating is giving a lot of joy to my wavy-haired mane. Let’s take a look at some adorable AF styles from Ananya just this past week.

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Bouncy Tousled Waves

With just a hint of hairspray and two steady hands, tousled waves are one of the quickest looks to pull on wavy hair. This is especially trendy right now since long bobs are the go-to street style cut this season and they look great with some bouncy waves.

DIY Hair Rings

Came across some of your mom’s gold bangles lying around? Stack ’em up in some Olympic-style rings for your mane and give your wavy ponytail a blinged-out upgrade!

The Fountainhead

The one thing that I love about my wavy mane is that I get such great texture on my crown for me to play around with. A half-pony on the crown that has been teased with hairspray and backcombing looks so cool.  VSCO girl realness, honey!

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Scrunch Ponytail

Never mind splurging on expensive hair accessories, just grab a length of wool and create a scrunch ponytail with your blow-dried hair. Even though Ananya’s tresses have been straightened here, we can easily see this look translated to messy waves as well.

Mid-Rise Ponytail

A pretty basic ponytail that has been slightly updated with plenty of back-combing at the crown. Any chance we get to let some wavy strands loose on our face, we’ll take it.

Low Bun And Strand

We can’t stress this enough…low buns are so cool right now and you should not be intimated by it being labeled “too serious”. Ananya’s bun has been edited with a single stand left out and it instantly takes it from frumpy to fabulous.

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Greek Braids

Okay yes, this is a bit complicated, but we love the glamorous of Greek braids enough to at least try our hand in it once. This might be a little out of our own league, but grab a trusted parlour-wali aunty and it can be pulled off!

Do you have a favourite yet? Let us know!


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