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Mansi’s Fragrant Bath Oil Will Rejuvenate You Instantly

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Gah! It’s summer already. The only thing I’ve ever loved about the season is summer vacations, but well… it’s not like I’m in school anymore to rejoice in that. The heat, the heat and THE HEAT… I can complain about it all day long. But I’d rather find a solution to stay hydrated and rejuvenated in this rather uncool time.

The best way to start any day is by taking an invigorating shower; no rocket science there. Recently, our beauty writer Bushra rounded up an assortment of luxurious body washes that will make your time in the shower totally worth it. But if you’re one to go beyond the usual and don’t mind splurging some extra bucks on bath products, a bottle of body oil is what you need. Now, for those of you who are wary about using a body ‘oil’, here’s something you need to know. Body oils are just like body washes; all you need to do is apply it directly to your skin before a shower or pour a dash of it into your bath. And no, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy at all.


Amritam Kashmir Lavender Shower & Bath Oil_Hauterfly

Amritam Kashmir Lavender Shower & Bath Oil

You’ll find an array of body oils that work wonders for the skin. But since I believe in using natural products, I turned to Good Earth to find myself a summer-ready body oil that’s totally au naturel. This luxurious Kashmir Lavender Shower & Bath Oil from Good Earth’s in-house beauty label Amritam is made out of precious plant oils. It is a perfect formula that nourishes your skin and leaves it supple all day. Also, who’d ever say no to products that help to hydrate the skin? That’s exactly why I’d recommend this product. Not to mention, its fragrance will keep you feeling fresh all day long.

SHOP NOW: Amritam Kashmir Lavender Shower & Body Oil (Rs 1,800)


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