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8 Reasons Why You Need To Start Using Activated Charcoal

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Everyone knows how turmeric, shea butter, rose water, etc. are good for one’s skin. But I’m sure you’re still unaware of this magical ingredient that can do wonders for your skin, hair, and teeth. Activated charcoal is the hero of today’s story and soon to be the hero of your beauty regime too.

So what the hell is activated charcoal? For all intents and purposes, it is normal charcoal that is heated to form a powdery texture to increase its absorption power. Increasingly, beauty brands like Clinique, Garnier, Sephora, and many others have been using activated charcoal in their products. What’s more, it is easily available in powder or capsule form at your local medical store. It’s medicinal properties not only treat ailments like stomach pains but also help you get glowing skin and hair. It is also used to make eyeliners, kohl, and mascaras. Still not convinced about the ingredient? Scroll down and be ready to change your mind!

1. Cleanses Oily Skin

Activated charcoal has extremely high absorption power. When it comes in contact with oily skin, It absorbs all the impurities from pores and helps reduce the production of sebum, effectively detoxifying it. Masks and face washes that have this as an active ingredient can be used to get oil-free, flawless complexions.

2. Treats Acne

An age-old problem that every teenage girl faces is acne. Activated charcoal can help remove dirt from pores and reduce inflammation to prevent acne. Just apply it on the blemish if you don’t want to cover your entire face with the black powder. Also, keep in mind that the longer it sits on your skin, the more effective it will be.

3. Soothes Irritations

The next time you have rashes on your skin or a bug bite, just apply a little bit of the powdery charcoal and watch how it helps ease the pain. It works best when in paste form though, so just add water and apply.

4. Removes Toxins

Working on the same principle of removing dirt, activated charcoal deep cleanses your scalp without leaving any residue. If you cannot find a shampoo that has this ingredient, simply purchase the capsule from a medical store and add the powder to your regular shampoo. Your hair will thank you for it!

5. Adds Bounce To Hair

Your hair catches all sorts of dirt and particles through the day that most shampoos fail to remove completely. A shampoo with activated charcoal will wash away all kinds of grime and naturally make your hair lighter and healthier. You will see the difference after each wash.

6. Treats The Scalp

When you are in no mood to leave your home for a hair spa treatment, try this one ingredient scalp treatment. All your dandruff problems, itchiness, etc. will vanish from the first time you use it.

7. Whitens Teeth

Yes, a black powder will help you get white shiny teeth in no time! Activated charcoal helps remove surface stains and yellowness to brighten your smile effectively. Use it twice weekly but don’t actually brush your teeth. Just mix with water to form a paste, apply with a toothbrush, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Be warned, though: your toothbrush will turn black!

8. Healthy Gums

Apart from whitening it, activated charcoal also ensures that your teeth and gums stay healthy and prevents bad breath by killing bacteria effectively. Since it is odourless and tasteless, you won’t even realise there’s a black powder smeared inside your mouth.

Now that we have you convinced, here are 5 products that can help you get started:







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