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6 Simple Hacks To Hide Pesky Grey Hair

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Psst. I have grey hair. Yes, I admit I do. I thought greys won’t come so early. I am only 22, after all. Oh, how wrong I was.  And I speak for everyone when I say, that the only grey we are okay with at this age is Christian Grey. Come on, you saw that coming, didn’t you?

Grey hair is something that has developed recently for me. My hair was all black and sexy one day and then boom, the next day a few strands were grey. And the reason for this is unknown. So I had to address the elephant in the room which was how to get rid of them without an expensive dye job. As is the case with these things, I tucked it away safely with my pile of problems that I refuse to look at. When it was finally looking like the greys may take over, I did what we all do. I dug deep into the internet till I found a solution. And most of this, you can find in your vanity.

Yes, you read that right. Makeup is the answer to all the problems. Guess who is hoarding more makeup in their vanity?

We have listed down a few hacks that can cover your greys in no time!

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Mascara can add volume to your lashes, lengthen them and make sure you look all fluttery but it’s great for when you want to hide the greys also!  All you have to do is brush it over the grey stands, let the product sink it, dry and bam you are good to go! I know, just that simple.

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Going for a date tonight or have plans with your friends but don’t want those greys to appear on your selfies?  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you to go drop a large part of your salary at the salon. Here’s a quick and simple hack using kohl. Apply a good amount of kohl over your finger, pick the grey strand and apply over it. Voila! No more greys. Prepare to be awed.

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Eye shadow

You can do more with the eyeshadow than just your regular smokey eyes. Use it to cover those pesky grey strands. Take a black/ dark brown eyeshadow on a brush or on your fingers and apply it generously to the hair. Spray on some setting spray to lock the colour in. This hack not only darkens your greys but you can also cover bald spots with it.  

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Yep, lipstick too can help with hiding your greys. We are looking at you, lipstick hoarders! Here’s how you can put those lipsticks to good use. Take a dark down, matte lipstick and run this over the grey areas, it’ll make them less obvious. Make sure you are using a dark matte lipstick ‘cause the glossy one will show.

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Root Concealers

If you are someone who doesn’t indulge in makeup, then invest in root touch up products where you simply spray on colour on to your hair and it stays on for a bit. If you do not have the time to head to the salon for a big event, this could be a saviour. It ’s pocket-friendly, you can spray it anytime, anywhere and is quite handy. We recommend.

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Part it

If you are someone who isn’t into playing with makeup for hair, here’s a hack that will sort you out.  There’s always a certain section that has more greys than another. Play with the parting of your hair or tie your hair up and smooth some hair over the greys. Try new hairstyles it will not only cover your greys but will also upgrade your look.


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