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6 Multi-Tasking Lip And Cheek Products That Really Work

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One of the heaviest things I had to carry as a kid was my school bag. Because of all the text books, the note books, the compass box, preferably with a scented eraser, and all that. And I thought, when I would grow up, my bags would get lighter. Turns out, it didn’t change, because now, instead of my books, I carry a bunch of makeup. Honestly, though, I want to cull it down to basics, but surely 4 concealers is not too much? Fine! I see you rolling your eyes. But then I found these and it is just what I am looking for. Products that multi-task and work for the lips and for the cheeks. Which means, that I only have to toss one of these in and I have a blush, lipstick, all in one product. Plus, most of these allow us to play around with the pigmentation, to up it or blend it out and really, how cool is that.

This one is mousse-y, comfortable to wear on both lip and cheek and comes in a bunch of colours, all of which are flattering to the Indian skin tone. From bright pinks and corals, they’ve covered a lot of ground and this one is a favourite around here.

This one now has a cult following and we can see why. This lip and cheek stain is perfect to give you a flush of colour so you look rosy-cheeked. On the lips, it offers just the right wash of colour so your lips look subtly coloured.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with stains is that they settle real quick making it difficult to blend the product. Not with this one. This one is infused with aloe which gives you time to blend out the product and work up the pigment on your lips, if that’s what you prefer.

The product is a creamy and comes in a pot that allows for plenty of flexibility. Even using just your fingers, you can tap away on the cheeks to give yourself a healthy colour and on the lips, this one goes on smooth while hydrating the lips. We *heart* it.

This is the kind of product you need when taking plenty of time to put on your makeup isn’t an option. With this one, you can work yourself way up from a hint of colour to a full, luscious pigmented pout. It blends like a dream.

We love easy to work with this product is. As the reviews say, this is great for a day when you are going for a no-makeup makeup look, it’s easy to work into the skin and allows you to play around with the pigmentation.



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