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6 Hot Hairstyles You’ve Got To Try This New Year’s Eve!

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It is that time of the year again when you get to don that perfect dress, put on some bling, and party all night long! But the outfit alone isn’t going to be enough; you’re going to need the right hairstyle to complement it.

Hate to break it to you, but letting your hair loose again is just too mainstream! Give your party look a serious upgrade with these awesome hairstyles from BBLUNT. From chic updos to extreme waves, here are 6 celebrity-approved hairstyles that are bound to make heads turn!

Karishma Sharma’s Disco Quickie

If you’re the party queen, you should definitely try TV actress Karishma Sharma’s bold hairstyle. Add a dash of colour to a head full of curls with cherry red extensions. Spray on hair polish for that instant shine, and you’re ready to rock the night!

Watch the video to see how to get this look:

Chandni Sareen’s Space Buns

Space buns spell sass like no other hairstyle! So, if you’re feeling a little cheeky, work this trendy hairstyle on New Year’s Eve. Check out how stylist Chandni Sareen rocks this super fly updo and take a cue!

Watch the video to see how to get this look:

Shalini Samuel’s JagerBun

If you want to get your updo game on point, Shalini’s hairstyle is for you. The blogger takes the sleek bun up a notch with hair extensions and instant hair colour spray. Perfect if you can’t commit just yet. Pair this hairstyle with an LBD and you’ll love the result!

Watch the video to see how to get this look:

Jennifer Winget’s Retro Style

The actress shows us a thing or two about carrying off a retro hairstyle, and frankly, we’re loving it! This look is so feminine, yet so edgy. Perfect if you’re looking for glam, but not OTT!

Watch the video to see how to get the TV actress’s look with BBLUNT products:

Paloma Monnappa’s Merbraid

For all you girls who want to let your hair loose, this part-braided hairstyle should be your go-to look. With or without extensions, all you need for model Paloma’s Merbraid is glitter and natural hold gel. It’s a hairstyle that has PARTY written all over it!

Watch the video to see how to get this look:

Karan Jotwani’s BBoy

Oh wait! Why should girls have all the fun? This New Year’s Eve, let your man stand out too with a statement hairstyle. TV actor Karan’s BBoy look is fuss-free and requires only dry shampoo and hair wax! You know he’s going to love it!

Watch the video to see how to get this look:

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