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Did You Know You Could Create 6 Hairstyles With Just This ONE Accessory?

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If there’s one trusted item in your hair and makeup kit, it has got to be a bobby pin. Bobby pins are the Gods of hairstyling and there’s just no denying that. A mini-rescue tool that will never let you down, the bobby pin isn’t given enough of the credit it deserves.

Think about it — tiny stray hair needs patting down? Bobby pin it. Bangs are acting up? Bobby pin it. Need your curls to hold? Well, you guessed it…bobby frikkin’ pin the hell out of it!

This one accessory can actually do a lot more than just hold your hair — wait, essentially it does that itself, but it can be used for so much more.

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And if you want them in fun colours, simply take a bright nail polish and paint over the pins.

Forget expensive hair clips, berets, and hairbands — here are 6 quick and easy hairstyles you can try with just a set of bobby pins.



Bobby pins were originally meant to blend into your hair, making the hairdo look a lot more naturally put together. But that shouldn’t stop you from flaunting them on the outside.

Get creative and use colourful bobby pins to up your regular hairdo — from creating half-ponies to a twist and turn side-do, this is the perfect way to get that quick hairstyle and look salon finished.



If showing off the pins isn’t quite your style, then these 3 looks will be more up your alley. Taking a full updo approach, this tutorial shows you how to use bobby pins to hold up your hair, while giving you a whole lot of volume and style.

The buns are perfect for a fancy event or even a casual date — an quick way to get that perfect updo without the hassle.


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