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6 Bizarre Beauty Blogger Hacks That Could Actually Work

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I think it has been established by now that the internet is quite a strange place when it comes to inventions and ingenuity. An outcome of the internet that we are all used to by now is the black hole of bloggers and vloggers. Trying, testing, reviewing, checking — they’ve done it all, just to keep you informed. I mean, if you don’t know it, just YouTube it right? So, in the wormhole of beauty vloggers also lie the geniuses who act as guinea pigs and lab rats, testing out various hacks that could work for plain ol’ people like you and me! I remember being baffled while watching a contour hack with a pair of Louboutins and thinking ‘Oh! So that’s what Kim K does with a closet full of shoes’. Well, to be honest, we do need to be grateful to a couple of them for saving our lazy (and cheap) butts and finding the oddest, weirdest, and probably most confusing beauty hacks that do work if done right!

On a side note, recently trending in the beauty world is the silicone sponge (which to me, totally looked like a bra insert or a boob fillet), and that got me wondering if we could actually use our little cutlets instead of buying this fancy new tool. Well, so far no one has attempted that, but I am pretty sure the internet will find a way — just remember, if someone does, you heard about it from us first!

Luckily, since the world wide web is a fairly large domain of strange creatures, we’ve found a few of the most bizarre beauty hacks by bloggers that might not make sense, but could actually do the job for you lazy ones out there.



Who would’ve thought that you can use a spoon for anything else other than scooping out your ice-cream? The cut-crease is a legit eye shadow trend that creates a shadow on your lid-crease — using the curve of the spoon as a guide, as to where you want your cut-crease to appear. After applying your neutral base, sweep on a darker shadow along the edge of the spoon, across your brow bone! And voilà…you have the perfect cut-crease line!



Okay so this one made me cringe a little. OBVIOUSLY using your CLEAN (emphasis on that please) sanitary napkins only, divide your hair in sections and wrap them around the rolled up napkin, securing it with bobby pins. Sleep over it…I mean literally sleep over it, and the next morning you can let those pretty, soft curls unravel. I know it’s a very strange hack and roaming around with pads in your hair isn’t quite ideal (also you will need to give a disclaimer to the men in your house). But hey, if it means getting heatless curls, then why not?



Moving on from the spoon to another household cutlery item, here’s the fork contour! Again, using the edges of the fork to guide you (wonder if Kim K’s MUA had tried this out) when contouring your nose, you apply the darker shade of contour on the outside groves and the highlighter in the middle, post which you blend. The fork sort of keeps your shadow line straight and provides a guide to getting the chiselled nose you want. Just be careful not to poke your eye out in the bargain, yeah?



Rinse it with coke, a motto I know a lot of people follow in life — but literally rinsing your hair with coke isn’t something I thought I’d come across. Model Suki Waterhouse revealed that her lush, beachy waves were thanks to her bathing her hair in Coca Cola! Later on, vlogger Ellie Kodea tried out the hack and actually found that it adds that sea-salt texture to it too. Forget bathing in milk, Cleopatra, get with the times and rinse it with some Coke, girl!



Using scotch-tape as a guide, the whole point of this hack is to give you the complete guide to highlighting and contouring the right areas, so that you don’t look like you fell into a pot full of mud. I can vouch for the fact that the scotch tape lines that residual powder, giving you a chiselled look. But don’t forget to blend blend and blend, okay?



Buh-bye beauty blender, we ain’t got any time for you. MUA Mayra shows us how effective playing footsie with your foundation could be! Using a fresh (and new!) pair of cushioned socks, the blogger blends in her liquid foundation with the sock rather than her blender. The padding around the the sock acts as a great buffer for the base, and provides an awesome and even finish that a beauty blender or sponge usually would.


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