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5 Ways To Wear The Glossy Lip Trend!

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After a couple of years spent chasing the whole ultra-matte lip trend, we’ve progressed to metallic, then glitter, then foiled, and now we’re back at gloss again. Feels like high school, doesn’t it? A few seasons ago, using gloss to highlight and even as eyeshadow was big.

Now, while that is still used editorially, glossy lips are super wearable! Unlike high school, we won’t all just be walking around like lip gloss monsters with no lipstick and all gloss. Here are a few ways you can make this look super sleek and modern.


1. Glossy Lipstick

You can keep it simple and easy by buying a good old glossy lipstick. Believe it or not, they’re still all over the market. Pick your favorite color and buy it in a gloss formula. If the gloss isn’t turnt enough for you, just go over with clear gloss.


2. The Ombré Effect

Line your lips and leave the centre slightly bare. Start darkest at the outside and wear minimum colour as you go inwards, or apply a super nude contrasting your lip liner in the centre of your lips. Then, coat it with gloss.



3. Strategic Glossing

Apply gloss on the inside and center of your lips, with a little extra along your cupid’s bow. This can shape your lips and make them appear fuller.



4. Tinted Gloss

Rock the jelly lips by overloading your lips with a tinted gloss formula. Wear a nude lip liner underneath to make sure the colour pops.



5. Glitter Gloss

Dab some glitter on to your glossed up lips for a major statement lip. This one is far from the boring, regular matte lip!



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