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5 Ways To Wear Glitter Makeup This Season

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If you’re planning to add some sparkle to your life, then a good place to start is with your makeup. If you’re a little apprehensive about how to go about this, I’m here to help. Here are 5 awesome ways you can add glitter to your party season makeup without looking like you rolled around in your arts & crafts supply. Plus, these methods are really not that complicated. I’ve also got some great product recommendations to get you started.


1. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a great place to start. One of the easiest ways to do it is to opt for your regular, matte or matte-ish eyeshadow and opt for a simple one or two-toned look. Then, use a flat blending brush, apply some glitter on top. Just dab and your look is ready! You’ll want to use a glitter eyeshadow that has larger particles of glitter. Here’s a good option.


SHOP NOW: ColourPop Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Birthday Girl (Rs 338)


2. Eyeliner

Eyeshadow isn’t the only way you can adorn your eyes with glitter. Try a glitter liner! I know it looks difficult if you’ve just about mastered eyeliner. But all you have to do is apply your liner and then trace on top of it with a glitter eyeliner. Pick a glitter liner with strong pigments.


NYX Cosmetics Candy Glitter Liner in Disco Ball

NYX Cosmetics Candy Glitter Liner in Disco Ball

SHOP NOW: NYX Cosmetics Candy Glitter Liner in Disco Ball (Rs 1,400)*
* Available at Sephora stores across India


3. Glitter Lips

Your lips will shine bright like a diamond with these one-of-a-kind lipsticks by Lime Crime. I *need* to get my hands on their Diamond Crushers collection.


SHOP NOW: Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Topper in Strip (Rs 1,215)


4. Glitter Brows

Dip your eyebrow brush or a spooli brush in some pigment and comb your brows with it, and voila!


MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pigment

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pigment

SHOP NOW: MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pigment (Rs 1,250)*
* Available at M.A.C stores across India


5. Glitter Mascara

We dare you to give this a try! If you don’t want to douse your lashes in a strong glitter pigment, then you can always opt for a glitter top coat. Add some sparkle to your regular lash look with this.


SHOP NOW: Sugar Lash Sprinkles Glitter Mascara (Rs 1,558)


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