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5 Smokin’ Hot Eyeliner Looks (And How To Nail Them)!

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While you may be trying to master the basic, it’s common fact that there’s more than one type of eyeliner. Some are retro, some are geometric, and others are simple flicks.

The world of eyeliner is vast and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m breaking down 5 types of eyeliner that you’re likely to see everywhere. Each type of liner does something a little different for your eyes. So experiment, and find one that you love!

Here are 5 eyeliner styles and tutorials on how you can slay them.

1. The Subtle Flick

Kaushal Beauty shows us her everyday makeup look that’s been a big hit on her Instagram! If you’d like, you can forward to 8:23 and check out her subtle, natural flicked liner. It’s not a full on wing, just a flick that’s mostly at the end.

It’s super thin, so the key is to use a really tiny eyeliner brush, make a small flick outwards and trace the same line back in. On your eyes, you want your liner to be super thin and almost into your lashes. False lashes can really be handy to add extra drama to a look like this.

2. The Bold Wing

And here I am, just a girl… SLAYING the bold, winged liner. This is an Insta baddie favourite. If you’re going for a sultry, edgy, or badass look, then the bold wing is the best option. It may be a little more difficult to master, but then, that’s why I made this video.

While you can use a liner of your choice, I find it best to use a thin, flat brush and a gel liner.

3. Cat Eyeliner

As if it couldn’t get any bolder, next up on our list is the cat eyeliner. This takes over much more of your lid than any kind of winged liner. Deepika Padukone, amongst many other actresses, have had iconic moments in cat liners on screen and on the red carpet.

Anu’s way is to first create an outline to make sure both the eyes are equal. She uses both a felt liner pen and a gel pot for the look. You can opt for a tool of your choice.

4. Retro Liner

Take it back to the ’60s and rock some retro liner. It’s a bold cat eye, with a thinner wing. Connect your wing with kohl or liner brought all the way around your lower lash line. Apply white or nude kajal in your waterline to enhance the size and shape of your eyes. This is great for a fun night out on the town!

5. Graphic Liner

Bringing it back from the retro, how about a super new age look? Graphic liner is open to interpretation and has been major for a couple of years now. Celebrity makeup artist, Pallavi Symons, shows you how to draw a stencil on your eyes before creating a cool look like this one.


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