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5 Times Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Gave Us #BeautyGoals

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Aishwarya Rai turns 45 today. Yes, I know, that makes your jaw drop. The woman doesn’t look it. I mean, if I look anything like her when I am 45, I am sorted. Heck, I will take that any day. You know what’s really cool though? That she’s not complacent. And every single time people write her off, she nonchalantly steps out and dazzles everyone. This is why she’s called the queen of Bollywood, and she doesn’t take it lightly. And thank god for that. Because she’s changing things up and we can’t help but stare. Here are 5 times that Aishwarya gave us #BeautyGoals and pioneered a trend.

When Aishwarya stepped out in this stunning gown, her makeup was muted with just shimmering eyes. But she wasn’t going to disappoint. Her hair was structured, sexy and so avant garde, we wanted to replicate it. Now, we only have to be invited to a red carpet event.

As an ambassador of a beauty brand, we expect interesting choices from Aishwarya, but this deep red lip, we were floored. This wasn’t a classic red lip, this was darker, more intense and made a statement unlike any other. We practically fell over each other trying to get this shade for ourselves.

How do you use glitter and shimmer while making a statement but not like you happened to dump a glitter pail over your head? You turn to Aishwarya for inspiration. Her strong, purple eyeliner look fabulous and she owned this like only she can. *makes heart eyes*

You can do a red lip, but can you do it like Aishwarya? It’s a tall ask. Aishwarya had us staring, and we couldn’t stop no matter how rude it was when she made this appearance wearing a bright red lip that could bring traffic to a screeching halt.

You have probably seen some women flaunt a lilac lip but have you seen it outside of an editorial shoot or off a runway? Chances are, you haven’t. But when Aishwarya sashayed down the red carpet in the lilac lip, everyone stopped, stared and then then made a mad scramble for the nearest beauty store.


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