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5 Summer Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs

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It’s all breezy and casual now, but we know we are all dreading summer, which is right around the corner. And while summer does have its pros… give me a moment to think of a few… you can wear your sunglasses and shorts. Okay, that’s all I’ve got.
Summer can also mean greasy, limp hair, an oily face, and a lot more woes. Hesha Chimah from team Hauterfly, gives you 5 beauty hacks for the summer that will have your beauty game on point. 

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1. Use Blotting Paper

Keep blotting paper handy for the times when your face is threatening to become an oily mess. Use this to soak up the extra oil by gently dabbing the paper on your face, and follow up with compact powder. Voila! Your face is looking fabulous again. 

Inpost (H)- Summer Beauty Hacks 2

2. Spray On Facial Mist

When it feels like your face is melting, and the sun is being rather harsh, a facial mist could save the day. Spray generously for some instant freshness!

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3. Prevent Those Sunglass Marks 

We love our sunnies, but they are notorious for leaving unflattering marks around the nose. Fret not; apply compact powder on the nose pads of the sunglasses, and a little loose powder on the nose… There! An instant fix. Go on, try it. You can thank us later. 

Inpost (H)- Summer Beauty Hacks 4

4. Make Your Perfume Last Longer

If 10 minutes in the sun has your deodorant giving up, the struggle to smell good gets real. Take some Vaseline, and apply it on your pulse points. Now, spray perfume on these areas to smell good all day. 

Inpost (H)- Summer Beauty Hacks 5

5. Powder The Scalp

If your scalp gets greasy between washes and hangs limp around your face, this hack could be a life saver. Take some talcum powder, and apply it to the roots. This will soak up the extra oil, and you’ll have hair that looks great in minutes. Okay, not great, but much better than a greasy mess!


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