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5 Step-By-Step Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorials So You Look More Sexy And Less Manjulika

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So, 2020 is approaching and I haven’t achieved a single thing this year. I am still a potato, my gym membership has gone to waste, I still haven’t learned Korean much. Actually, I haven’t achieved much of anything. And don’t look down at your phone and laugh at me because I know most of us are sailing in the same boat. I also wanted to get good at doing my makeup this year, but even with that, laziness got the better of me. If they were giving out Oscars for being lazy, I’d win.

But let’s not cry over spilled milk and let’s focus on what’s coming for us in 2020 and for me, it’s to achieve most of these things on my list. Can you believe there’s only 4 days left till 2020? Where is time going? Partying is not my cup of tea so I will staying at home. I will celebrate with family by ordering food and dressing up. And I dress up mostly for the pictures, and new profile pictures and this year won’t be any different.

I am going to dress up and look absolutely beautiful for my family, obviously. One of the things about dressing up is doing my makeup. It’s such a hassle to get smokey eyes to look the same on both your eyes. Either one is too dark or too light, but never perfect. Ugh. All I end up with is panda eyes. That’s when I turn to Youtube and look at all the tutorials that help me look the way I do. Smokin’ hot. And if you are like me who is struggling to get your makeup on point then I am listing down 5 YouTube tutorials that you can follow to get the perfect smokey eyes this NYE!


We all love Patrick Starr and  even if you don’t know him, you have to watch his makeup tutorial videos. They are absolute GOALS! And this tutorial explains it, step-by-step. I personally love this one because do you see that peacock blue metallic shade in the middle? And the smokey eye on the outside? And at the inner corner of the eyes as well? It’s glorious. This one will be a tough one to crack but I am willing to give this a try this NYE. It’s perfect and will go with anything and everything you wear, I mean, if you get it right.

Next up we have your classic nude with glitter. This easy-to-do smokey eye is everything beautiful. I love how she explains what colours to use and has a small tip on how to get the perfect line of the eyeshadow without it falling all over your face. This makeup tutorial is so easy, that even a beginner should be able to nail it. But keep the wipes handy, you know, just in case.

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Kathleen Lights is another one of the makeup bloggers that is loved globally. Her makeup and precision are all perfect. What I love about this makeup is that it’s very dewy and glowy and not a flat matte. And I don’t mean dewy in a way that looks like you have been sweating it out. You have to try this glamorous look for NYE.

If an all out black eye isn’t your cup of tea and you want something less complicated but still beautiful, this makeup tutorial will sail you right through. I love how she effortlessly does her eye makeup up and the end result is the climax your boyfriend couldn’t give you. *wink wink* I love the nudes on her eyelids and the maroon lip shade that pops bringing the whole look together. The warm makeup is perfect for a NYE party. So, slay this look gurllll!

Corallista happens to be one of India’s favourite beauty bloggers and there’s a reason for it. Her makeup skills are so precise and perfect, you’ve to see it to believe it. The best part about her videos is that a lot of them are short but on point easy to do makeup looks that anybody can sport. So, you don’t really have to be a pro at it. It’s super easy and glamorous.

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