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5 Skincare Devices That’ll Save You A Trip To The Dermat

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When it comes to skincare products, there is absolutely no dearth of beauty tools available in the market. It takes a while and some experimentation to get it right. I would say, I’m at a point where I’m pretty happy with my skincare routine, but what if your skin needs a little something extra? While I don’t necessarily visit the dermat for problem skin anymore, I do take an appointment every few months to treat my self to a little microdermabrasion, peeling, and the likes. But with these awesome, new innovations, I can pamper my skin a little more…right at home!

Do keep in mind that if you do have extremely problematic or sensitive skin, then this, in no way, will do the job of your doctor. It’s always good to figure things out with a doctor before you take any course of action yourself.


1. The Derma Roller

Call it the Derma Roller or micro needling, it has bundles of tiny micro needles that poke through your skin, which can or cannot be slightly painful. This, in the long-term, allows you to absorb your dermatologist recommended or your favorite skincare product many times more than skin that hasn’t been pierced. It also boosts the collagen production in your skin, as your skin tries to cover up the tiny piercing on it. This can get rid of scars and it can give you youthful skin. Do follow this tutorial to keep it clean and safe.



2. Exfoliator Brush

The 5-in-1 brush includes 5 different kind of heads that you can attach to the machine. There is a brush for makeup removal, a face exfoliator, a sandpaper texture for coarse hands and feet, a massager to get the blood vessels flowing, and a sponge for the more delicate areas around the face.



3. Laser Hair Removal

Yup, this can now be done at home! It’s a little painful, but it works well. That being said, you kind of have to keep doing it every now and then for best results, so why not invest in this machine and keep it at home for upkeep…especially, if you’ve already done laser. Laser work best for darker or coarser hair.



4. Micro Current Technology

Micro current technology is a breaking edge technology used by many experts and dermatologists at spas and clinic to boost collagen, exercise your face, and reverse the effects of ageing. It basically sends micro currents through your skin that are a lot like the currents that naturally occur in your body. This trains the muscles in your skin to stay younger and tighter.


The primer gel is also available here


5. Eye Massager

The Foreo eye massager uses T-Sonic technology to gently massage your undereyes. It’s effective for puffiness, tiredness, and fine lines. Plus, it’s great to use with a moisturiser.



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