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5 Sheet Masks You Need For The Festive Season

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Festive season has officially commenced. And you know what that means? Diwali, wedding season, holiday season, and all that good stuff is coming right up. Feels like the year went by super fast, right?

Anyway, you know what all the partying and hectic lifestyle means for your skin, don’t you? It means skin hangover season. You’re going to need a little something-something to come to the rescue. And sheet masks are the perfect solution. Here are 5 sheet masks that are just right for the festive season.


Monda’Sub Gold Face Mask Sheet (Rs 129)

1. Mond’Sub

Use the the gold sheet mask to deliver nutrients that will lift and nourish your skin. Plus, this mask has got anti-ageing properties to combat all the stress that takes a toll on your skin, when you’re busy all day and partying all night. This will work as a perfect prep mask to get your skin ready and soft for makeup.


The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Face Mask (Rs 100)

2. The Face Shop

Got inflamed skin? This will calm it down. It’s gentle and effective enough to soothe skin after it’s exposed to hot weather and stickiness, or extreme cold. Just clean your face well and apply this. Watch as it does its thing to your skin!


DearPacker Home Remedy Mask – Charcoal (Rs 100)

3. Dear Packer

This charcoal mask will suck out all the impurities that are trying to bury themselves deep in your skin. Been using lots of makeup or trying to avoid acne? This shall be your saviour. Plus, its formula comes with no irritants.


MaskerAide Beauty Rest’ore Sheet Mask (Rs 460)

4. MaskerAide

Couldn’t catch up on sleep amidst all the hustle and bustle? You know what you got to do. Restore all the nutrients you might’ve lost due to lack of sleep and don’t forget to top it off by consuming loads of water and a little bit of Vitamin C!


3W Clinic Mask Sheet – Fresh Cucumber (Rs 729)

5. 3W Clinic

Reap the benefits of real cucumber with this cooling, soothing, and calming face mask. Get rid of the day’s greasiness and oiliness with a mask that delivers astringent benefits.


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