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5 Setting Sprays That Will Seal The Deal In Under Rs 1000!

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You have great makeup on, you primed and powdered it, but a couple of hours in and your beat face starts melting?

Fixing sprays are here to save the day. You don’t need much to invest in a great fixing spray that will keep your makeup right where it is. Here are 5 sprays that work amazingly, all under Rs 1000!


Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray (Rs 750)

1. Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution’s Pro Fix spray for oily skin will keep the oil at bay for hours on end. Their new formula is made for use by professionals. So, spray away from a few inches of distance till all your makeup is sealed.


Make Up For Life Make Up Fix Cinema Green Tea (Rs 638)

2. Make Up For Life

This green tea spray does the trick, when it comes to setting makeup. But, it’s also filled with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and green tea extracts that your skin will just soak up and absolutely love! It’s great for all skin types.


L.A. Girl Pro. Setting HD Matte Finish Spray (Rs 638)

3. L.A Girl

Here’s another one for ladies with oily skin, and man, does this do the job! It really keeps it all sealed and set on your face for hours on end. L.A Girl ain’t playing!


Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray (Rs 850)

4. Freedom Pro

For a more natural, matte finish, opt for the Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray. It’ll keep shine away and seal everything from eye makeup to lipstick right then and there.


NYX Professional Makeup Long Lasting Dewy Finish Spray (Rs 875)

5. NYX Professional

For those of you who don’t want a matte look, but a dewy look instead… seal your look in with this. It will fix your makeup without drying it out, at all.


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