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5 Romantic Ways To Personalise Your Bridal Mehndi Design

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How do you feel about mehndi? I know it’s a lot of inconvenience because for a very long time, you can’t use your hands. So I can only imagine how tough it is when it comes to bridal mehndi designs. Whether you opt for Arabic mehndi designs or traditional Indian style, one thing is certain – it will take a while! You will need assistance for everything – for eating, using the washroom and even moving a strand of hair away from your face – which I feel a lot of brides secretly enjoy! Which is why, in spite of all that inconvenience, no bride will ever give up on the tradition of applying mehndi on her hands. Take your mehndi game up a notch by personalising it! Here are some ideas!

1) Wedding hashtag

All my friends who got married or are getting married soon, have their wedding hashtags for Instagram. This helps streamline all the photos and videos in one place! The hashtag, which is basically a blend of your names signifies the fact that you both are going to become one. How about personalising your simple mehndi design by adding your wedding hashtag to it? It’s unique, romantic and will make for gorgeous pictures!

2) Your love story

I love love stories. Have you ever asked your friend about how she met her soulmate and seen her eyes just light up as she relives those moments? That’s the thing about these tales. You remember them in such detail, even after years. You remember where you met, the clothes you wore and how you felt. Capture the beauty of your romance in your mehndi design. You can little symbols from your first date, say coffee mugs or a beer glass. How about including you’re the first movie you watched together? Or how he proposed to you? This will be one of the most meaningful personalised mehndi designs ever!

3) Initials, portraits and hobbies

Brides have been writing their husband’s initials on their hands since ages. But modern brides take it up a notch and include theirs too because why not! In fact, you can add a little caricature of bae and you to go with it. Does he like salads while you devour cheesecake like it’s your last? Adding these elements can show the contrast in your hobbies. They say opposites attract!

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Fridays call for a throwback! Henna for my sweet bride, Navjot (Jyoti) back in October. Swipe right to see the lovely couple! 🥰 I’ve been quite behind on posting (🙈) but with so many things going on, the time from September to now has just flown! To be honest, as much as I love busy season (believe me I do!), I am really loving the downtime right now… gives me a chance to take a break from my art (so I can get my creative juices flowing again) and catch up on things, business & personal! ..also doesn’t hurt to curl up in a blanket sometimes and watch Netflix all day. Amirite? 🙌🏼 #hennabydivya #torontohennaartist #torontobridalhenna #bridalmehndi #hennadesign #hennaartist #indianbrides #hennainspire #indianweddinginspiration #indianbrides #indian_wedding_inspiration #wedmegood #customizedbridalhenna #lashkara #mehndi #indiandestinationweddings #mehndidesigns #bridalmehndi #sangeetmehndi #hennaartist #hennadesigns #indianweddingbuzz #WedMeGood

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4) Important dates/birthdates

I am someone who passionately remembers dates. It’s like a registry in my head and I can tell you when I had my first kiss with bae, when he asked me out…except I won’t and nobody’s really interested in knowing. Anyhoo, introduce your special dates in your mehndi design and let people guess what they really mean. And for the groom’s sake, I hope he remembers!

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Someone just recently asked me if I still get nervous before starting a bridal. The answer, if you guys already didn’t know, is YES! I do! Always! The reasoning behind it has changed over the years I’ve done bridal. Initially, I was nervous as soon as I got a booking. Overtime, I became comfortable with doing the insides of the hands and would freak out knowing I had to connect the insides and the backs! That become easier with time and then doing bride/groom portraits made me nervous. Later on, I feared becoming stagnant with my work and so as I began introducing more elements and more customizations, I started to become nervous every time a bride asked me to customize her bridal henna. I think that’s the stage where I’m at now 😉 So, yes – doing Nahya’s fully custom bridal henna made me nervous! Haha! No matter how confident you can grow to be in your work and how well you can do your work, the nervous-factor will always remain and there’s nothing wrong with it 😉 . . . . #hennabydivya #torontohennaartist #torontobridalhenna #bridalmehndi #hennadesign #hennaartist #indianbrides #hennainspire #indianweddinginspiration #indianbrides #indian_wedding_inspiration #wedmegood #customizedbridalhenna #lashkara #mehndi #indiandestinationweddings #mehndidesigns #bridalmehndi #sangeetmehndi #hennaartist #hennadesigns #indianweddingbuzz #WedMeGood #hudabeauty #vogueindia #weddingwire

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5) Zodiac signs

If you believe in astrology and feel your zodiac signs affect your personality, here’s a mehndi personalisation for you! How about adding your zodiac signs, especially if astrology agrees with your compatibility? Make a point about your chemistry by this simple mehndi design!

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