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5 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out More Than Usual During This Quarantine!

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I like to believe that there are three kinds of people in life, one with the kind of skin that is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and are the people that end up being envied the most, the second are the ones with skin that is dry and case sensitive to even the slightest change and then there is skin like mine – like the moon, with a glow that an oily skin is blessed with, but topped with crater like skin texture from all the active acne. I still remember the first time I was visited by these unsolicited little breakouts. “Wait it out till your teens are over”, they said. Well, it’s almost 5 years since then and I am still waiting, so whoever said this, know that I am going to be waiting for you.

You see, having an oily and acne prone skin is not easy to handle. There will be days when your skin will break out like a teenager rebelling against his parents – loud and without much of a cause, and then there will be days when the acne would just settle in like a baby who’s been put to sleep – calming but with the threat to erupt any second looming overhead. But either way, navigating life through these rough patches (pun intended) hasn’t been easy.

Which is perhaps why, when lockdown kicked in, besides feeling bad for staying locked in, one thing I was pretty kicked about was keeping my skin make-up free. Figuring out how if not me, my face will get a taste of a little bit of freedom, I imagined this social time-out to do my oily skin some good. Except, it seems like ever since I’ve been in this lockdown, my skin has only been breaking out more. As if full blown breakdowns weren’t enough. And if you too have been experiencing this kind of a sorcery, here are the 5 possible reasons why it is so…

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Irregular sleep patterns

Studies show that the amount of sleep or rest that we allow our body is directly proportional to how your skin behaves. With our routines tossed out the window and sleep patterns resembling those of nocturnal animals, it is possible that your skin hasn’t taken the change all too well and hence playing host to sudden breakouts. Our guess would be to start with regularizing sleep patterns and try moving to having some kind of routine to begin with!

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Lack of physical activity

When the lockdown kicked in, my commitment to laziness also did.  Most of us have sworn off any sort of physical activity in these past 8 weeks. That is if you exclude getting up for food and pee breaks. With the body relaxing into a no-movement zone with minimal to zero sweating out, your skin is happy to invite all that acne.

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All that Eating

One of the most common, surprising and annoying change that all of us saw in ourselves during this lockdown is that we’re all turning into little masterchefs with the need to bake a new cake every two days. And that right there could be the culprit – all that added baking and sugar that has led your skin to break out more than usual. After all, excessive sugar is one of then major reasons for acne and pimples! Plus, you’re snacking on oily foods and that’s not helping.

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Skipping out on washing

One of the best things about staying home all day is unquestionably the relaxation of staying in your PJs all day long, sometimes even for days at end, because who needs a shower everyday when they’re home and barely getting dirty right? Wrong! It is most likely that you neglecting to wash your face as often as before, under the pretext that it is clean, is what is causing dust and grime to collect and stay on your face – ultimately leading to untimely breakouts!

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Added stress and anxiety

It is a universally known fact that stress and feelings of anxiety have never done anyone any good in their life. Especially your skin. And I get it, having been thrusted into this new and boring lifestyle of staying locked in, with a cloud of  uncertainty all over our heads hasn’t been easy to deal with, but panicking and stressing about it will only make it worse. Allow your self to relax because the last thing you want is your worry to quite tangibly show on your face when all this is over!

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