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5 Quick Workouts For Deepika Padukone’s Toned Arms

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Arms. That’s the one body part we tend to neglect. I mean, at least I do. I feel like I have great lower body strength, but terrible arm strength, which only demotivates me from working that out further.

Regardless, it’s an essential part of your physique, both physically and visually. Strong is beautiful and we love seeing toned arms on a pretty dress. So, use these workouts, especially if you’ve got less time, to tone up and shape up those arms!


1. Blogilates

I love Blogilates’ quick and effective workouts. Feel the burn with this 5-minute workout that will get everything from your biceps and triceps to your shoulders doing the most!


2. Koboko

Got that arm bulge? We’ve got the solution for you. You can do this every morning or evening in just a few minutes. Watch that fat go from 100 back to 0, real quick!


3. Vicky Justiz

You’re pretty much sitting for most of this video. Get your entire arm and shoulders worked out. You don’t need any heavy weights to tone up these babies.


4. XHIT Daily

This one is a little different. It’s for when you’ve got more time on your hand and want to take it to the next level. This workout uses a combination of movements with weights. Start out with weights that don’t give you too much of a burn, because you don’t want to injure yourself. You can upgrade as time goes by.


5. Chloe Ting

This workout focuses on the upper body and arms. Lose arm fat and tone up with this one workout. Plus, she’s got little replacement exercise tips for those who cannot go all out… yet! Pay close attention to structure when you’re doing this workout, so you do it right.


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