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5 Exercise Routines For A Smaller Waist In Just One Week!

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Sometimes, no matter how much cardio I do or how well I eat, fat gets stuck around my abdomen and waist. True, sticking to a great diet and exercise will decrease weight around this area, but I seem to get stuck after a certain point.

So, why not body contour? No, not like makeup… I mean sculpt your body with the right exercises for the right area.

If you’ve already reached your weight goal, but still need to shape up your waist, here are the perfect exercises that will get you results in a week! All you have to do is stick to doing it everyday.

1. Burn That Fat

Youtuber and fitness expert, Susana Yabar, shows us some fun, cardio exercises to burn lower back and waist fat. Yup, burn those pesky fat cells away!

Just turn up the music and get started. All it takes is 5 minutes! Do more reps for better results.

2. Swimsuit Ready Waist!

Fitness model, Vicky Justiz, gives us her reps on exercises that will guarantee a smaller waist. In fact, Vicky claims you’ll see changes in as few as 3 days.

It’s important to keep form intact while doing these exercises, because mindlessly repeating reps won’t get you far. Get to it, girl!

3. Do It Right!

Blogilates is one of my favourite ways to do concentrated fitness routines. Her waist training exercise reps can be done under 10 minutes and Cassie takes the time to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, plus how to do it the right way.

4. The Pilates Way

Love yoga and pilates? Try this routine! It’s all about building your own internal corset. These exercises are a great combination of building muscle, doing yoga, pilates, and cardio!

The stability ball, if you have one at home, would be a great addition to these moves. But if you don’t, you can try this out just the same.

5. Dance Away!

If you get bored repeating reps in a conventional exercise routine, then why not dance? Who knows how time flies when you’re dancing? Belly dancing is the answer! It concentrates on your core and waist, getting you in shape as you groove to the music. Personally, this one’s the most fun exercise of them all!


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