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5 Mattifying Products To Carry In Your Bag This Summer Season

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Summer is here and with that, the vat of oil that is our skin is also making its presence felt. We can’t be the only ones whose face takes it upon itself to make our pores open up like floodgates during the summer. There’s so much oil production, you’d think we could join an oil cartel. Of course, when out of control, this clogs the pores which means blackheads, whiteheads and acne all start to make an appearance. Plus, there’s the thing about the skin getting shiny in just a couple of hours, so you look like a disco ball and when you are at work and want to look matte, it simply doesn’t work. 

But hey, all is not lost. There are some quick hacks to instantly mattify your face while you are out and about. For starters, make sure that you are carefully exfoliating your skin and using oil-free primers and moisturisers to prep your skin for the day. For the rest of the day, here are five products you need to stash in your bag while stepping out of the house. Though we must question why you deem melting necessary. 

A Translucent Setting Powder

Finishing makeup with a layer of setting powder ensures that all those exposed pores are on the lockdown. A small travel-size box of pressed finishing powder won’t take up a lot of space but will keep your makeup intact and oil production at bay.  The silica component of the powder absorbs oil and give the skin a sleek finish while keeping it matte. 

A Baggy Of Blotting Papers

A blessing for oily-skinned beauties, blotting papers need an award for just existing. They completely absorb surface level oil without affecting the other products on the skin. They don’t bother a full face of makeup and don’t let the sweat mess with the expensive moisturiser on the skin. It’s a win-win. 

A Hydrating Face Mist

A sure shot way to avoid getting oily throughout the day is to hydrate. Hydrating face mists add moisture to your skin, prevent excess oil production by not letting it dry out and can help drench your face with minerals. This softens out any lines, red patches and making the skin appear more supple and smooth. It also makes your skin look refreshed and re-energised. Spray away. 

A Spray-On Sunscreen

No matter how much you spend on a loaded SPF moisturiser, it’s bound to melt away in the Indian heat. Since sunscreen is such an integral part of summer skin care, the spray on variety comes handy when you are travelling and don’t have time to duck into a bathroom to reapply it. The recommendation is to apply sunscreen forty-five minutes before you step out in the sun but a spray on works faster and can replace your usual cream.

A Beauty Blender

Chances are, a majority of us already have a beauty blender stashed in some corner of our totes. Replace these crusty ones with a fresh beauty blender and it can save you all the stress of the dirt and grime transferring. Use a separate beauty blender to blot the sweat, oil and dirt away from the skin whenever necessary. It can also be used to blend any setting powders and sprays( like the ones mentioned above) and ensure the product is sinking into the skin and not sitting on top. 

What are some of the other summer skincare issues we should address? Let us know.


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