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5 Masks For 5 Skin Problems. These Really Work!

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Okay, it’s getting a little overwhelming in here. There are too many masks. And I don’t mean on emotions, I mean on people’s faces. And it’s not even Halloween yet. And of course, I am not talking about those masks as well. We are talking about the skincare mask version. And there are too many, addressing too many issues and it can get a bit much sometimes. Allow us to dial down the panic and drama. We have 5 masks we have picked for 5 skin problems. I know, right? We make it so easy to make a choice. So, find your problem and find a mask that will fix that problem. Thank us later.


Skin Problem: Intense Tan

The Mask You Need: Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment (Rs 1600)

You know when you go to Goa on a trip and you think you’ll come back a bronzed goddess but you are looking like you have been sitting on a barbecue instead? Yeah, that’s not a flattering tan. Plus, it comes with dry, peeling skin. And the solution is this brightening treatment from Glamglow which claims to have 3 levels of exfoliation to make your skin look luminous and bright. You’ve the memories, you don’t have to keep the tan.


Skin Problem: Oily Skin

The Mask You Need: SeaSoul Dead Sea Clarifying Mask (Rs 675)

When your skin has enough oil on it to make french fries, you need something dramatic to help you out. And we’ve found just the mask. This clarifying masks gently lifts the extra oil from your skin without drying it out. It also comes packed with the goodness of minerals from the Dead Sea and we are sold on it.


Skin Problem: Acne

The Mask You Need: Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask – Tea Tree (Rs 100)

If your face looks like you’ve recently fallen hard into puberty, it’s time to fix that acne and we tell you how. This sheet mask from Innisfree is saturated with the benefits of tea tree that is known for zapping acne. Your skin will look clearer and regular use should even stop the most persistent acne in its tracks.


Skin Problem: Large Pores

The Mask You Need: L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores (Rs 850)

Sometimes, your face looks like the roads of Mumbai, by which I mean, pothole-ridden. Those are pores and those need to go and wait, we have just the mask for you. This red- tinted mask from L’Oreal practically shuts down the pores and they look like they’ve practically disappeared. We love!


Skin Problem: Pigmentation

The Mask You Need: Tjori Anti Pigmentation Mint and Lemon Face Pack (Rs 349)

Spots and patchy skin wreaking havoc with your life? That’s pigmentation and it doesn’t look pretty on any one. This face pack from Tjori promises to banish the spots and give you even-toned, clear skin. And it has lemon that’s known to deliver some promising results, so we are sold.


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