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5 Makeup Trends That Will Be Huge In 2017

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The new year doesn’t just call for an upgrade of your wardrobe, but an upgrade to your beauty game too. And we show you how to do just that with 5 very wearable makeup trends. For starters, these are some of the easiest trends we’ve had in a while and I intend to make full use of that. I’m counting down 5 trends that are stunning, some recycled, some new, and all completely fresh. Are you ready? Let’s do this!


1. Deep-Hued Lips

We’ve already counted down the many shades with which you can rock this trend too. PC had a golden moment at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards wearing a lipstick colour that is right on point. Here are all the other celebrities that opted for this trend too. And here’s how you can give this trend a try:



2. Blurred Lips

It’s like fading lipstick, but better. To best describe it, I would say, it’s somewhere between a lip tint and an ombrĂ©. If you don’t want to learn how to cop this trend, give this product a try. Start at the centre, then work your way outwards:



3. Glitter Highlighter

You can call it glitter highlight or you can call it glitter strobing — either way, your highlighting game just hit an all-new high with this trend. Use a multipurpose glitter pigment shadow that can be used on your cheekbones, your eyes, or lips:


Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow (Rs 2,500)* *Available at Bobbi Brown stores across India


4. Underliner

Remember the kohl-obsessed phase most Indian women go to when they first realise they can wear makeup? Yeah, that’s pretty much coming back, only a little crisper. Go crazy with that underliner and who says it has to be black? It can be glitter, colour, or ombrĂ©, if you want to have more fun. Oh, and wing it out if you want to:



5. Glossy Highlighter

It’s not shiny, but it’s hella glossy! If the glitter highlight is too much, try dabbing a little gloss on your cheekbones and the high points of your face:



Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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