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5 Hair Hacks To Fix Those Pesky Flyaways

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Flyaways getting in the way of your best hair ever? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, it even happens a couple hours after I’ve paid to get my hair blow dried or straightened.

Nothing ruins a day like frizz standing on top of your head and if you’re looking for a sleek look, forget about it! That is… until now. Here are 5 hair hacks to fix those pesky flyaways.

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1. The Kabuki Brush & Hair Spray

Take a Kabuki brush that isn’t being used and with a couple inches of distance, spray a little tight hold hairspray onto it. Do this once you’re done and ready with your hairdo, whether that’s up or open. Then gently brush down and back all those tiny baby hairs and frizz.


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2. Bye Bye Towel

Say bye to your towel, because it’s causing your frizz to seriously turn up. Instead of scrubbing your hair clean with a towel, rinse out as much water as you can before you step out of the shower. Then, use a soft cloth or an old t-shirt to pat your hair dry. You can even tie it up in a t-shirt and let it dry for a bit.


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3. Switch Out Your Brush

Switch out your hair brush for a comb, especially when your hair is still wet or damp. A wooden comb is your best option. Start removing knots from the bottom to the top, in that order. You want to do this after your hair is semi-dry, to ensure less hair fall. The comb will give you way less frizz, which means fewer flyaways than a hairbrush, especially on wet hair.


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4. Body Lotion?

When you’re done applying body lotion all over, use that little bit of stickiness leftover in your hands, for your hair. Just smooth your hair back gently. This will push all the baby hair and frizz back.


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5. Lip Balm

Worst case scenario? Well, there’s always lip balm! If you’ve got this in your bag, just dab a tiny amount onto your fingers and stick those pesky little flyaways down! Be careful not to use too much, you don’t want to end up with oily-looking hair.


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