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#HauteHacks: 5 Ways To Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer

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Any beauty junkie will tell you that when you get hooked on to your favourite products, letting go of them before their time can be a toughie. Whether it is bidding adieu to the slightly dried out eyeliner or saying the final goodbye to your thickened nail polish. If you spend most of your paycheck or allowance on cosmetics, you will not want to willingly throw them away. Well, obviously you will have to get rid of the products post expiry (you still don’t want to right?), but for the times where tossing isn’t your only option, we show you 5 hacks to actually squeeze out every last ounce of them.

1. Nail Polish

Nail polish formulas tend to get thick over long periods of time. So once opened, refrigerate the bottle. The cold air avoids the formula from thickening or separating. If they’ve already hit the gooey road, then simply add a few drops of nail polish thinner to reduce its viscosity.

2. Felt Eyeliner

If your felt eyeliner keeps drying, dab the tip on a warm, wet paper towel. Instead of flicking the pen when it’s almost over (and making a hell of a mess), make sure you store the pen upside down so that the leftover liquid flows to the tip and is ready for application.

3. Mascara

When it comes to mascara, we are all guilty of seeing this one product right till its demise. But one of the main reasons for its untimely death, is cause you’re letting air into the tube causing it to dry faster. During application, cover the mouth of the bottle with your finger tip to avoid air from getting in. And if your mascara is already a little dry, rehydrate it with a few drops of saline solution a.k.a contact lens liquid!

4. Lipstick

Shout out to all you lipstick lovers *cough hoarders* out there! When your favourite lipstick is chiselled down to its last inch, simply scrape off the extra product from the tube into a palette or a small tub. Melt it with a blow dryer and freeze it for an hour. Voila! Your lipstick is now in pot form and can be applied with a lip brush.

5. Perfume

When they say store in a cool and dry place, take them seriously. Always keep your fragrance bottles in closed spaces, away from sunlight, like a drawer or closet. Too much sun exposure causes the scent to change and fade, resulting in your favourite fragrance’s untimely death.


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