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Greasy Scalp? 5 Hacks To Cheat Your Way To A Good Hair Day!

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Sometimes, you’re walking down the street and you hair is catching the wind, making you think you look like a dream. Like a glamorous diva making an entrance. This is the day you wash your hair. On other days, your hair will get resolutely attached to your scalp. Running your fingers through your hair could be a hazard, and anything from oil, dandruff, or even a lost Lego may turn up.

If you’re having greasy scalp issues, these hacks will certainly help you out. Check them out!

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1. Blowdry It

If you hair looks like it wants really be low key, and not move at all, maybe set up a date with your hairdryer. It’ll help your hair move around and be less greasy when it’s the second day after a hairwash.

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2. Clip It Right

Cheat your way to a better hair day. Take hair clips (there are some real fun ones available now) and  place them on your hair. Backcomb your hair to undo the limpness because of the grease and  puff it out so that your hair looks volumized,

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3. Powder It

If you don’t have time for a wash, the cheat by taking some baby powder on your hands and running your fingers through your hair.  Concentrate of getting most of it on the scalp. This hack will soak up all the grease you had on your scalp and will leave you with fresh and fragrant hair.

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4. Use Lemons

You know what they say about life giving you lemons? Yeah, use it to make your hair look spiffy and smart. Lemons help in revitalising dirty strands and mop up the dust that clogs up your scalp and produces grease.

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5. Egg It Out

Take the white of an egg, squeeze half a lemon into it and apply it to your hair. Let it rest for 30 minutes and wash your hair. Make sure you don’t condition your hair at the scalp and you should be good to go for 3 days or so. Then, wash your hair.




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