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5 Fun Everyday Hairstyles Your Curly Hair Will Love!

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We see you. You, the one who is furiously Googling ways to tame your curly hair. You who is constantly engaged in violent struggles with your straightening iron. Of course it’s a battle. No one really understands your hair, your issues with your curls, and how your hair has a mind of its own. Except someone else with curly hair.

So, if you are someone who is looking for ways to style what you think is an unruly mop, we have some ideas. From braids to buns, and cute pinned-up hairstyles, here’s a little hair inspiration for the curly haired girl. 

(BTW, curly hair has so much character. Just saying.)


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Braid Secrets

Sometimes you want your hair flying around your face. At other times, you just want it out of your face. It is at these times that you should turn to braids. They are a rage right now, so you will totally look ‘with it’ no matter how you wear your braids. Cornrows, waterfall braids, fishtail braids, go ahead and take your pick. 

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Pin Up

While you are taking the hair away from the face, dreary black clips can ruin the fun. Add a fun twist to your curls by using pins. You have plenty to choose from right now. From cool shapes featuring stars and more to textures like sequins and glitter, your curls can get their sparkle from these. 

Curly Hairband

Heady Start

Channel your inner vintage lover by adding a headband. Try a bright, colourful headband to keep the curls in place, off the face, and still bring drama with your hair game. 

Inpost- Curly Hair Hairstyles 1

Top Curl

Summer is around the corner, and this means we want our curls secure and in place. Opt for a top knot. And you get to choose what height you want it at. A high messy top knot, a low neat ponytail, there are lots of options. Gather your hair, keep it in place with a hair tie and voila!

Inpost- Curly Hair Hairstyles 6

Cute Bun

If you’d rather have your curls tucked away and in place, try a bun. You could do a half bun, pair your bun with twisted braids, or even do a slick-down bun! Try this for a quick hairdo on the go.

Which hairstyle is your favourite? 


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