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5 Exciting Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea

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Let’s admit it, we have all Googled weight loss at least once. I mean, I have done it a million times but I am giving everyone else the benefit of doubt. And every article worth anything will mention green tea as one of the ways to win the battle of the bulge. See, green tea gets a lot of adulation and rightly so, it comes packed with anti-oxidants and all that. And it’s not just good for weight loss, it comes with a lot of beauty benefits as well. Read up to know why green tea in its various forms is good for you. 

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Stop The Clock

Green tea comes with a host of benefits, the strongest being it has anti-ageing properties. So, drink up plenty of it, and delay those wrinkles. The catechin EGCG present in green tea is like a dose of energy for cell renewal, so age will be just a number! If you don’t want to chug your clock-reversing benefits, use this mask! 

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It Zaps The Acne

Green tea can calm angry, red zits. If you have a pimple pop at an inopportune time (is there ever a good time?), then take apply this green tea mixture on it. Steep some green tea leaves in water till you get a light brown colour and use this as a mist over your face to unclog your pores. We love this mask for it’s pimple-busting power!

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De-Puff! It’s gone!

If you have dark circles and eyebags that just won’t budge, green tea can help you with that as well. Take a used green tea bag and toss it into the fridge. Place the cold tea bags on the eyes, apply a face mask and enjoy the cooling and de-puffing sesh. Don’t want to do all that? Try this eye cream with green extracts instead. 

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Sunny Side Up!

Do you end up looking like the sun has been attacked you when you get a tan? So it doesn’t stop at a tan, you look fried and mostly burnt. It’s not a golden goddess, it’s more fried human. Infuse your skin with the benefits of green tea by drinking lots of it but also, use a sheet mask to soak up some benefits and undo the sunburn, at least to a certain extent. 

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Anti-Inflammation Hero!

Green tea can calm things down. And we don’t mean only in a spa-like way! Green tea can reduce inflammation, reduce redness and basically restore some of the method to the chaos that is your skin. If you’d rather not whip up a concoction, this sheet mask is the answer. 



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