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5 Effective Ways To Deal With Pesky Pimples Before A Big Event

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If you have had pimples, you know that they choose the most inopportune times to make an appearance. Basically, they are the a**sholes of the skin ruining world and it’s a title they take quite seriously. Oh, I am being harsh? See, these pesky little things turn up when they want and where ever they want. Come one, we all know of a pimple that appeared in an armpit or some godforsaken place like that. But you know what’s worse? The timing. They’ll turn up right at the eve of an important event – like a birthday or a graduation- or if you are having a particularly bad run, at a wedding. Now, there’s not telling when they will come, but we don’t want you to go into this unprepared. So we have list 5 ways you can zap that zit in a jiffy.


Ice, ice baby

When you need the pimple to go away and go away quick, you need ice. Put it on the pimple when it has already erupted and it will shrink it away and possibly even make it disappear. Okay, that might be a tall claim. It will definitely make it look smaller which is good. We will take any help at this point.

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Eye Drops

Okay, first things first, eye drops will not help you get rid of a pimple. The drops can make the pimple look less red, less angry though. It could also help marginally with the swelling. With that, you can go ahead and use your concealer to make the zit look less prominent. Hey, something is better than nothing.


Tea Bags

Every pimple has a life cycle and most aren’t even popppable (yes, we made up that word but you know what we mean!). To bring out the head of a pimple so you can clean it out, turn to tea bags. Run them under warm water or dunk them to make a tea and then apply this warm tea bag to the pimple. It should bring the head up and make it easier to disinfect and clean it.


Steam It

If your pores are feeling clogged and all gunk-filled, a steaming session will certainly help. And it works the same way with pimples. While it doesn’t eliminate the pimple (sigh!), this is one of the things that will draw it to a fore making the process of healing much quicker.



Honey is the absolute best when it comes to all things skin. And with acne, it can be particularly helpful, bringing down the swelling and inflammation. You take some on a cotton swab, apply it to the pimple and rinse it off 30 minutes later. It should make the pesky zit much less visible.

Have any grandmother’s recipes that have worked particularly well for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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