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5 DIY Body Scrubs For Flawless Skin This Winter

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Winter… it’s time to moisturise, sleep with socks on, and get super comfy with a hot cuppa tea or coffee every morning. Plus, Christmas, New Year, and the wedding season all strike at the same time. So, even with the weather’s drying effects, it’s important to take the utmost care of your skin.

Unfortunately, plain ol’ moisturising won’t be enough. Buff off the persistent, flaky dry skin with a scrub that moisturises and exfoliates your skin!

Here are 5 options I have tried and loved. Nothing like a fun DIY to get you in the holiday mood.

1. Almonds + Argan Oil + Honey Scrub

Corallista shows us this DIY moisturizing face scrub that’s perfect for winters. It’s made of almonds, argan oil, and honey. The argan oil can be substituted with any plant-based or carrier oil. Make sure you’re using an organic oil: coconut, castor, Vitamin E and others work just as well. All of these oils will be available on online platforms like Amazon.

2. Cinnamon Scrub

Shreya treats herself to regular spa days, and we’re all for it! Put yourself first from time-to-time and treat yourself and your skin to some nourishing relaxation. But, if you’re looking to just scrub, then check out her awesome exfoliator DIY. Skip to 2:18 if you want to know more about the cinnamon-based scrub she creates that’ll have you feeling cozy for the winter.

3. Rice Flour Scrub

Jovita shows us a scrub that’s a little more oily skin-friendly, but as with the other scrubs, this can be used on the face as well as the body. Don’t forget to do a little patch test on your face before use, in case of bad reactions or allergies. The miracle ingredient of this scrub is rice flour, which has plenty of benefits. Jovita gives us the low down! Oh, did you know rice flour can act as a sunscreen too? Sunscreen is vital in the winter too!

4. Coffee + Coconut Oil Scrub

Let’s bring it back to basics with Huda Kattan! This coffee scrub is great to prevent cellulite and boost circulation in your body, while it buffs away dead skin. You can’t go wrong with coconut oil and coffee! It’s the stuff that expensive scrubs are made of, but why spend so much when we can recreate the magic at home?

5. Green Tea + Sugar Scrub & Blood Orange + Sugar Scrub

Kaushal makes some fun videos with Icon UK. This one is all about the scrubs and she’s not making one, but two fun DIY scrubs in this video. Green tea lovers? Sip on some as you make this quick 2-minute DIY. And if you’re a cocktail person, how about a yummy blood orange cocktail as you scrub your body with the blood orange exfoliator? This is really getting me into the holiday spirit.


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