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5 Correctors That Work Wonders For Under-Eye Pigmentation!

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Okay, so first things first. Pigmentation and dark circles can be two separate things, as can concealer and corrector. That being said, sometimes what we get is a combination of the two, in both cases. You get me? What you need to decipher, as you begin your journey towards under-eye coverage, is this: do you have dark circles or pigmentation?

Dark circles, if you look up close, can be defined by a mild, bruise-like discoloration, the appearance of veins: purple, green, and sometimes blue hues show up through that thin skin around your eye. For most people, this is accompanied by some amount of denting (a hollow) under your eye. This can usually be fixed by a good concealer, that isn’t too light or dark for your under-eye (it should be just a tinge lighter to bring out that area).

If you have pigmentation, however, just concealer won’t cut it. This pigmentation can be characterised by dark blue hues under the eye, spotting, dark patches, and stand-out discoloration. In some cases, you may have a combination of the two. Either way, if a concealer just isn’t enough, you may want to correct first, before you conceal.

Cover FX Correct Click Color Corrector in Medium(Rs 3, 500)

1. Cover FX

If you feel like your pigmentation ranges in the medium zone, then most likely, you have medium-toned skin. The darker your pigmentation, the darker your corrector should be. Just swipe some on and blend with your middle and ring finger. Wear foundation or concealer on top. The orange works well to correct dark patches and blue / green veins.

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector (Rs 3,800)

2. Becca Cosmetics

This is slightly milder and less pigmented than the Cover FX corrector. If you have dark circles and only slight pigmentation, then opt for a corrector such as this one.

Make Up For Life 5 Color Concealer Corrector (Rs 625)

3. Make Up For Life

I find corrector wheels to be super convenient for the under-eye area. This corrector wheel is available with lighter shades as well, depending on your under-eye. Salmon shades work well for light green veins, orange works on blue pigmentation, and yellow works on purple. Use a combination of these shades or try a bunch out to see what works best for you.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD (Orange, Pure Beige & Natural) (Rs 1, 428)

4. L.A Girl

For those with intense pigmentation, L.A Girl works the best! Be careful, though, because their orange and yellow correctors are highly pigmented. A combination of the two correctors work best for most with heavy pigmentation. You may want to start slow, with less product and work your way forward. Cover up the correctors, which you’ll have to, with the natural concealer.

Ferrarucci Concealer Corrector And Contour Color Palette – 3 (Rs 1,299)

5. Ferrarucci

For those who want more for their buck, opt for a varied palette that you can mix and match to cover up your under-eyes. You can also conceal other pigmentation on your face, like acne with yellow / green. Plus, you can contour with this product.


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