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5 Best NYX Products You Won’t Regret Adding To Your Cart

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The more I am on the internet the more I regret it. Before you assume that I belong to the stone-age, let me tell you I have a valid reason. I am a makeup enthusiast and a product-hoarder. So when I am not enticed by online shopping, I am probably reading up on everything beauty. That’s how I discovered several beauty brands that I had no clue of earlier. While some of  them are newbies, some have been around ages under my nose but I have been oblivious to their existence, mostly because they weren’t available in India. So when NYX was launching here, I excitedly told my sister about this supposedly new brand. No, that didn’t hurt at all. Promise. *Wipes a tear*

If you ask me to pick one makeup product I can’t do without, I will swear by lipsticks! Which is why, when NYX launched, I started saving up for their Soft Matte Lip Cream. It costs just Rs. 600 so I could afford it but after saving for it. In my defense, I was just in college – young, wild, and very broke – not quite “free” because strict parents! So, I went to one of their first few stores and bought the Copenhagen shade for myself. My first NYX dark lippie and since then I haven’t given up on dark shades.

Now, that the brand has been around since a while, they keep launching products at lightning fast speed and we’re left spoilt for choices. Of course, that confuses us even more and makes it difficult to pick. Hence, I have listed down 5 of their best products for you to add to your rookie makeup collection.

If you understand the value of a primer, then you know what a good one can really do for your makeup. Angel Veil primer is true to to its name “perfecting”. This primer gives you a flawless base which allows the application of makeup to go smooth.


If you ask me which is my favourite concealer, I will say Wet N Wild one. But this NYX concealer stands second in my list. It gives you great coverage and masks discolouration, dark circles, etc whilst making your makeup look natural.

Have you ever heard of a highlighter that works as a moisturiser for your skin? Well, let me introduce you to NYX’s Born To Glow. It’s one of the cult favourites because it gives you an illuminating glow while being lightweight AF. If you want to fake a glow from within, use this as a pre-foundation base for a natural radiance. Let me insert the cliche statement – Be a glow-getter, girl!

As I mentioned before, NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream is the best thing to happen to my lips. The creamy formula makes the application of this lipstick easy and smooth like butter. And to top it off it actually mositurises your lips giving you the selfie-ready pout.

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I have never loved a setting spray as much as I love this. Not only does it add a dewy finish to my makeup, but also helps my makeup last longer.

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