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We Picked 5 Amazing Lakme Products For You To Buy

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When I ask you to name the top 5 makeup brands I am sure Lakme is the first one to pop in to your head. It’s only because their products are reasonable and work like magic. I remember when I was young my mum had brought this product that we all thought was nail polish, except it wasn’t. It was their iconic eyeliner that was then experimented with when my mom wanted to glam it up or if I had a school play where I was required to look presentable. My point is that Lakme has been around for a pretty long time, so long that it now feels like it is a part of our childhood and we’ve grown up with it. It’s a thing, okay?

Now, they have obviously moved on to make many, many more products that every beauty junkie swears by and now the choices can get confusing. What do you pick? Especially when every woman in India has at least one Lakme product in their handbags that they love more than pizza, and that says a lot. They have a lot of good products but here are the ones that have my vote.

When I first heard Argan Oil, I thought it’s something classy and elegant because of its name and that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Since I didn’t want to look stupid, I googled it and I discovered the many amazing benefits it has. It moisturises skin, treats acne and skin infections and basically makes your skin look like there was nothing wrong with it ever. Now, imagine that it’s combined with a Lakme foundation and you have an Oscar-winning foundation in your vanity. Go grab this beauty rn!

I always disliked liquid liner, because we all know the struggle of getting a sharp line with one brush. But I was recommended by a colleague to get this and so I did. I am not even exaggerating when I say this was the best recommendation I was given. It glides over your lid smoothly, dries quickly so your upper lid doesn’t have it and is matte!

Who doesn’t love a little colour on their lashes? I am sure most of us do, the rest of you can show yourselves over to the boring corner. Thank you. This one comes from the “eyeconic” range. This one is entirely dedicated to intensity and drama. And this mascara will give your lash the curl without clumping on you. It gives you plenty of curling action too!

One of my favourite lippies from my vanity would be this. The smooth application and amazing pigment is what I need from my lipstick and this gives me is exactly that. And to top it off, it gives my lips the moisture they really, really need. My personal favourite is their Raving Red . Thank me later.

Another one from the eyeconic range that I would suggest you buy. The smooth application and the dramatic effect will give you the smoke eyes in an instant. The pros of this kajal is that it lasts up to 22 hours and is water/smudge-proof. I can already hear you squeal in excitement.  Also, if you think black is a boring and basic colour then they have 4 other shades for you to choose from.

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