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6 Best Huda Beauty Products That Are Absolutely Worth The Investment

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There are some people I don’t follow on social media because they make me feel very bad about my current lifestyle which involves me being spreadeagled on the sofa, eating chips and watching Netflix. So I am constantly avoiding the Instagram explore page – because that’s where all these successful types hang out. Of course, I occasionally do sneak in a peek and came across Huda Kattan (owner of Huda Beauty). That woman is marvellous with what she has done.

I wanted to know a little more so I did a little research and found that just like most of us she too had a job, but due to the financial downturn, she lost her job and started her own blog called Huda Beauty in 2010. She didn’t make anything out of it…I mean sort of…but I guess even she couldn’t have predicted the kind of success she has achieved. In Feb 2013, Huda Beauty was one of the top beauty brands.

Every makeup junkie’s dreams were answered through her because her products are to die for! Her eyeshadow blends like a dream and lipstick stay till the end of time and I am not just saying this. It’s tried and tested by me. Her Desert Dusk palette is what dreams are made of. The colours are gorgeous and the pigment can give you an orgasm or two. Who needs a boyfriend anyway? Their foundation and concealer can cover all the negativity your relatives throw at you. Sacchi.

Today, Huda Beauty is the name that is not only famous amongst beauty bloggers but everyone globally. People swear by her products and I know why. I sold my soul to the devil to buy her products. I get that you don’t understand the hype, I didn’t subscribe to this school of fangirling over her makeup for a long time, but it’s worth every penny. I know a lot of beginners want to try Huda Beauty products but don’t because they don’t know what to choose from the extensive range. Also, they are expensive so you want to choose wisely. So, I have listed down a few products you can try, test and love, much like us. Also, for those who are wondering – Huda Beauty is cruelty-free.

1. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

This foundation is God sent and no, I am not exaggerating or being overdramatic with that statement. It’s true. The foundation blends like a dream, first of all. Second of all, it covers up blemishes leaving your skin smooth with just a pump of it. However, this one is fragranced and the coverage is quite heavy so I would recommend keeping it for wedding or occasional use.

2. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

Trust me when I say this – this lipstick isn’t leaving. As a lipstick hoarder, I have plenty to choose from and I would still pick this for a day that’s going to require my lipstick to really stay put. I know how a lot of matte lipstick or liquid lipsticks tend to make your chapped lips worse. But not this one. It transfers easily onto your lips with just a glide leaving your lips hydrated. The colour intensifies once it sets to a matte finish. And the best part? It’s transfer-proof.

3. Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer

As the name suggests, this concealer is an overachiever indeed. What I love about this concealer is that it not only perfectly conceals my dark circles but also soothes the skin around the eye. See, overachiever. For someone who manages to stay up till late night even on weekdays this is something I carry with me wherever I go and if you are anything like me, then you should too.

4. Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows

It’s not easy to master the art of applying eyeshadow. It took me a lot of YouTube tutorials to learn how to hold a brush well, so eyeshadow was the next level. So, if you are looking to avoid the hassle then this is perfect for you. This dual eyeshadow stick has velvety matte formula on one side and glitter on the end. And you can carry it around with you too.

5. Huda Beauty Classic Lash

How do you talk about Huda Beauty and not mention the one product that catapulted this brand to stardom? Huda Beauty’s lashes can elevate any look – taking it from basic to badass. The best part about these lashes are that they don’t feel heavy on your lid – so you don’t look like you’re wearing fake lashes but you are – yup, it’s the kind of trickery we love. The lashes can be used up to 12 times depending on how you care for them and I would protect them with everything I have. Samantha is one of their best sellers that is loved globally.

6. Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette

I saved the best for the last. Even though their prices for eyeshadows burned right through my pockets, I still ended up buying it. I couldn’t resist the beautiful shades and that mad pigment. I especially love their glitter, which sits perfectly on the lid and actually draws out the eyes. Let’s be real.  Any glitter causes fall out and so does this one. Even then, this is one of my top picks from her line. A swipe off glitter across your lid and you are party-ready!

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