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5 Beauty Resolutions That Are Easy To Follow

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New year, new you? Well, new you doesn’t happen overnight does it. And trust me, we know how hard it can be to stick to resolutions. So, with each passing year, we suggest you work on yourself one step at a time.

We’re listing 5 beauty resolutions that won’t break the bank or kill you to follow, neither will it take up all your time with a complicated skincare routine. Start small with these resolutions, and watch as your beauty game gets an upgrade this year.

get rid of old makeup

1. Out With The Old!

This holds especially true for mascara! Old mascara can cause eye infections, and plus, they don’t work as well after 3 months. If you don’t want to do a full clean up, why not promise yourself that you won’t use mascara that’s more than 6 months old and you’ll throw out any eye makeup that you don’t use or is 6 to 8 months old. This way, your eyes will stay pretty, infection-free, and fresh.

beauty supplements

2. Start Those Supplements

I know, it can be difficult to start a whole bunch of supplements at once. So, why not start with one thing? These days you can take multivitamins with one pill or opt for a full beauty supplement. You can even take Vitamin B12 to begin with, because it helps with skin, hair, and nail health. Check out this article for more on supplements.

clean your makeup brushes

3. Clean Your Brushes

Your number one cause of acne is probably dirty makeup brushes, so it’s time to give them a good scrubbing. Now, I know you might do this to start your year… then, you’ll get lazy. So, instead, why not invest in an all-purpose brush and sponge cleanser or spray to make life easier. To keep it real easy, you can even fill rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray each brush right after you use it. Then, wipe it against clean tissue. At least you’ll be disinfecting it, for the time being, till you decide to do a thorough cleaning again.

visit the dermatologist

4. Visit The Dermat

Why that sudden burst of acne? Is your hair fall due to PCOD? Is facial hair bothering you? Don’t just google the answers. Sometimes, your skin problems may be deeper than you realise. Take the time to consult with a dermatologist. This will give you the right answers and a whole world of solutions that may just fit into your budget. It’s time to show your skin and hair some love. Consult an expert.

wash your face

5. Wash Your Face!

Yes, I know you do it every morning, but make it a habit to cleanse and moisturise, at least every time you get home. A polluted world, work stress, a tiring day, and more can wreak havoc on your skin. So, as soon as you put your bag down, don’t plonk yourself on the couch, just go wash your face. Nope, baby wipes will not do!


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