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5 Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric You Won’t Be Able To Resist!

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Look, I am all for DIY skincare, but slathering the next thing you find in your fridge, and winging it with your skincare may not be the best idea. That’s not to say that your kitchen is not a treasure trove of skin-loving ingredients, it is. Just know which ones to pair with what to achieve what results and you don’t have to use your skin as a guinea pig. Now, this one cheerful, multi-tasking ingredient though, has multiple benefits for the skin. Yes, we are talking about turmeric.

Loaded with goodness, turmeric is like a magical wand for skin problems. Sounds a little too good? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Till I read up about it and now I am a convert. Here’s all the beauty problems turmeric can take care of.

1. Acne Fighter

Turmeric has some serious acne-busting properties. It has major anti-bacterial goodness, which works well if you’re suffering from acne. It also helps mop up excess oil from the skin, so acne that’s even planning to make an appearance will stand no chance anymore!

2. Tan Warrior

This yellow spice also packs a punch when it comes to taking off a tan. It has the ability to lighten skin, and if your skin is also looking like some parts have been attacked more fiercely by the sun than the other, it can take care of that too. Yes, it can even out skin.

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3. Age Rewinder

If a tiny little wrinkle is making its way on your face and the reality of ageing is starting to loom large, run to your kitchen to retrieve copious amounts of turmeric. The spice has curcuminoid pigments, which help absorb antioxidants, which we all know is the scientific term for ‘bye, bye wrinkles.’

4. Stretch Marks Fader

Stretch marks are a true test of one’s patience. Mainly because they take forever to go away. And while they usually are there for a good reason, you know, weight loss and stuff, they simply won’t fade. Turn to turmeric. Mix it up with saffron and lime juice,and your stretch marks may not have the fight left in them to stay on.

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5. Dandruff Dodger

Turmeric can help your skin and your scalp! There’s no stopping this spice. Mix it with your hair oil and apply it to your scalp. Wash it off, and dandruff should be well on its way out.


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