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5 Awesome Beauty Benefits Of Calendula

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Is it even a big fat Indian wedding if you don’t have inappropriate raucous uncles, a loud, mad baraat and heaps and heaps of marigolds? These deep, richly coloured flowers are the markers of all things auspicious and that they bring a giant dose of vibrancy to the proceedings is just an added bonus. But these flowers also have beauty benefits. Who would have thunk, yeah?

Allow us to fill you in on how these flowers, also called calendula, has several benefits for your hair and skin. Of course, we do not recommend pulling these off decor items and chewing on them, that would be awkward, but they definitely have some strong beauty benefits.

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Tell me something will undo my wrinkles or make me age much slower and I will cross oceans to get my hands on it. But the humble calendula does this and doesn’t require dramatic travelling to far off places. Calendula will deeply hydrate your skin, nourishing it and therefore making it look younger and more supple.



If your face is starting to erupt with painful, red pimples and you aren’t sure why this is happening, it’s time to harness the energy of calendula oil. The anti-bacterial properties will eliminate all the bad stuff leaving you with clear skin.

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Hair Growth

You’ve tried everything and your hair simply won’t grow out. Of course, calendula is going to come to the rescue. Loaded with goodness, this will heal and condition your scalp, which can, in turn, make your hair grow out. Hello Rapunzel!


Prevents dandruff

Are your shoulders looking like the inside of a snow globe because dandruff simply won’t go away? Calendula has you covered. Because it is hydrated and moisturising, it keeps itchiness and flakiness at bay. Wear black without a worry!

Undo Dry Skin

If makeup won’t hold on and sometimes foundation comes off in flakes, you know it’s because your skin is dry. Say hello to, you know it, calendula. This will deeply nourish your skin, giving it the love and hydration it needs so your skin can thank you!

Have you used calendula oil? Let us know in the comments below.


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