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Baishali Is Basking In The Scent Of Her New Body Wash

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I’m a really girlie girl — sometimes embarrassingly so. My sense of style is extremely feminine and I absolutely love fruity, floral scents — in my perfumes, body splashes, body lotions, and body washes. Luckily for me, my New-York based sister spoils me with all this and more on the regular. (I think she conditioned my tastes without me realising it!)

Anyway, every time I step out of the shower, the bathroom smells edible. I am very generous in my use of bath products, which also means I run out of them rather quickly too. Back in the day, I would have to wait for my sister’s next trip and my bag full of goodies — an excruciating wait, to say the least. But no more! Today, EVERYTHING is available in India, or at least ships to India *happy dance*. So my latest fruity indulgence is this delicious mango-flavoured body wash from Bath & Body Works.


Firstly, how pretty is the colour of that gel? Not only does the Mango Mandarin Shower Gel from Bath & Body Works smell divine, it is infused with ingredients that will leave your skin smoother, softer, and generally happier. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and shea butter come together to deeply moisturise the skin, without stripping it of its natural oils. The gel’s top notes include sweet nectarine and mandarin leaves; the middle notes are of yummy orange and magnolia; and it closes with a deeper musk. In short, YUMMY!

I’m going to go slow with this one — I really don’t want to  run through it in a week. But hey, at these prices, my conscience is pretty clear, no?

SHOP NOW: Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Shower Gel (Rs 990)


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