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This Is The Skincare Routine Every Woman Needs To Follow In Her 30s

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Nobody tells you this, but birthdays are all exciting as long as you are in your 20s. Get to your 30s and the charm tends to wear off a little bit. The first white hair makes an appearance sneakily, triggering your first ageing scare. An odd wrinkle ensconces itself around your mouth or eyes, and you realise, with more dread than anything else, that your skin is probably never going to go back to the way it was. You want to accept this gracefully, but there’s a small part of you that has googled botox. 

I am going to lay it on thick and brutal. Your skin is nothing like it was in the 20s. And skincare for the 30s is also different. Mainly because you actually have to invest in a skincare routine, follow it regularly, and pay attention to how your skin is reacting. Yes, even your skin is new to this ‘adulting’ thing, so help it out. 


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Never sleep with makeup on. 

Okay, this was a no-brainer. You can’t sleep with makeup on even in your 20s. But with the skin repair system slowing down, stale makeup will clog your pores and you’ll have to work harder to undo all that. So, always get your makeup off before you catch up on your Zzzs.

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Invest in a toner.

Yes, we all know the CTM routine, but like most of us, for the most part of my 20s, I skipped toner. I would moisturise (read: slap on some cream) and cleanse (briskly wash with some wash), but toner more than anything, I skipped. Enlarged pores are the bane of the 30s, and it’s probably time to get one that will help your skin. Look for one that’s more specific, calming, clarifying etc, and pick one to fit your skin concern. 


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Pay attention to ingredients.

It can all read like a lot of hogwash and too much money in your 20s, but in your 30s, it’s time to read all the ingredients to find something that will work for you. For example, I was using a basic night cream but switched over to a retinol-based serum as soon as I hit 30. It deeply hydrates my skin and ensures I look a couple of decades younger (Too tall a claim? Okay, went overboard there!)

Discover products you can invest in.

You’ll need some money. Let’s pretend you’ve your life all sorted out, and that career-wise, you are what you’d consider successful. I recommend actually dropping a huge chunk of your salary on effective skincare products. Nope, all expensive products are not great. But a lot of products with a cult following come with a hefty price tag. Maybe buy one product a month but the 30s is a good time to make the skin investment. 

Don’t ignore the neck.

While you are giving the face all the love, don’t forget to indulge the neck a little especially after you hit the big 3 oh. That’s where all the wrinkles surreptitiously sneak in. Slather on the serum/night cream and using upwards strokes, give your neck some TLC as well.

Show your eyes some TLC.

Look, almost all of us have dark circles, puffy eyes and lines under the eyes. Even then, it’s not a lost cause. All you need is a little dedication and lots of patience. Dab a good eye cream on the orbital bone (don’t want to get it in the eye) and using your ring finger, gently tap it in. Don’t tug or pull!

Gently exfoliate on a weekly basis. 

The 30s really need you to adult when it comes to skincare. You want to replace your very harsh scrubs with shells and granules with gentler versions. But it’s skipping exfoliation isn’t an option. But, don’t go crazy with the scrubbing. You only want to do it twice a week.

Sunscreen is still a must.

There’s no good excuse to skip the sunscreen when you’re in your 30s. Or at any age actually. Stock up on the sunscreen and up the level of protection. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours. You need the tan, but you don’t need the spots and the wrinkles. Shield yourself by dunking yourself in some sunscreen.


Visit your dermatologist.

It’s when you finally hit the third decade of your life that you need to stop winging it and actually ask someone who is in the know. The 30s are a good time to find a dermatologist you are comfortable with and one who can customise a skincare routine for you.

Have you changed up your skincare routine for the 30s? Let us know in the comments below.


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