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3 Makeup Hacks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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Whaddup, people with small eye problems? I’m in the same boat as you are. Taking into account that we all have different eye shapes, different things may work for us, especially in terms of eye shadow. Some have deep-set eyes, some wide-set, some down-turned, and others round. According to my makeup training, almond-shaped eyes are the ‘ideal’ eye shape, but of course, I pay no heed to this nonsense. I’ve got almond-shape eyes, but they’re almost hooded and kind of small. This doesn’t mean they’re bad, we are who we are and you’ve got to work with what your mamma gave ya! So here are 3 fail-proof makeup tips if you’re trying to brighten up and open up your eyes.


1. Tight-Line Your Eyes

I’m not going to give you boring old information, like apply loads of lashes, or use a curler. Yes, it’s important to do your lashes, but without falsies, how do we take that to the next level? Tight-line your eyes with kajal. Applying only kohl to your lower waterline does nothing for the shape of your eyes and for those who have dark circles; in fact, kohl underliner can make them look worse. So, apply it closely between your upper lashes and into your upper lash-line to give your mascara a fuller effect.

#HauteTip: If you absolutely can’t live without kajal in your lower waterline, apply a little concentrating on the outer corner of your eyes and between your lower lashes, within the lash-line. Don’t go all the way inside your eyes.


2. Shimmer Shadow

Dab a little bit of shimmer shadow, cream, or powder with your fingers, to the middle of your lids. Keep it just to your lids and don’t blend it out much, especially not to your crease. Don’t make it too obvious, just a few light dabs.


3. Nude Kohl

Instead of black, apply a nude kohl to your inside your lower waterline. You can apply this and still apply black kohl between your lower lash line

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