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3 Home Remedies For Inflamed Skin That Actually Work Like Magic!

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Could be because of a long haul flight, the harsh weather, or hormones acting up, right? Every now and then, all of us experience seriously inflamed skin, peeling skin, or redness.

I recently had a bout of peeling and redness on my chin, which I scratched (not the smartest thing to do) and now it has scarred. So, next time, I’m going to go with one of these age-old cures for itchy, inflamed skin and leave my skin alone! No touching.

Ice Cubes

1. Apply Ice To The Inflamed Areas

I literally put up a Snapchat, asking my followers for help, and they told me to try ice on breakouts or anything that feels heated up. Guys, it really worked! My skin calmed down in a matter of minutes. I did it two days in a row and the redness disappeared. Now, I just need to use my retinol cream on a daily basis to say bye-bye to the scarring.


Avocado for inflamed skin

2. Use A Honey & Avocado Pack

Nope, don’t eat it! Although, I reckon that would be super great for your skin and body too. Instead, mash up a piece of avocado (depending on how large the area is or if you want to do your entire face) and add 2 to 3 tbsp of honey to the mix. Try using an organic honey to avoid chemicals that can make your skin condition worse. Mix this up into a paste and apply onto the inflamed area for a soothing treatment.



3. Avoid Skincare Products With Alcohol Or Fragrance

You will be surprised when you read the labels of many skincare products. They all have alcohol or fragrance! You want to use products that are seriously about skin and no extra hoo-ha. If you’re unsure about what product that would be, opt for Ayurvedic brands or home made products. You want to reduce dryness to your skin when it’s sensitive, so it’s important to avoid such products.

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