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3 Hairstyles Perfect For An Indian Wedding

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Getting married, or even just being invited to an Indian wedding, can be a stressful time. The number of events involved requires that many outfits — some of which you may never wear again. Not to mention that added stress of accessories, makeup, and hair.

Now if you’re a bride, we understand that you might want to get a professional involved with your hair and makeup. But if you’re just an attendee, ain’t nobody got the funds for that, am I right?

The number of tutorials available online today possibly goes into the millions, and not all of them are worth your time. What you need is to sort through that clutter and pick just a few styles you can master and stick to — until you’re bored.

So when it comes to your hair for an Indian wedding, we went ahead and picked out our favourites, for 3 prime Indian wedding functions.

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For The Sangeet

A hair accessory is always a good idea for the sangeet. Once blowdried or straightened (you can do either), add some drama to your hair by backcombing the crown like Dulce does in this tutorial.

You could also do a middle parting if you’re not the side-part kind of girl, and add any sparkly headband that matches your outfit to your hair. It’s the perfect look and, if you secure it properly, you can totally bust a move without having it open out like a bun probably would.


For The Wedding

This is the one function that’s low on movement, so you don’t need to worry about your hairdo unraveling. What’s great about this braided bun by Missy Sue is that while it looks like you need either hair extensions or really thick hair for the bun to look this full, that’s actually not the case.

And if you’re stressing about that looped side braid, don’t worry — a regular French braid down the side will look just as great!


For The Reception

At this point, you’re sick of everything — the wedding, your clothes, the makeup, and even your hair. So you’re obviously not going to have the patience to braid it or do any kind of updo.

Curling it, however, isn’t such a bad idea and won’t require as much effort as a braid or bun. How about giving Deepica’s Hollywood waves a shot?

Now one thing you need to remember while doing this is that the barrel of your tongs needs to be on the larger size. A skinny tong or even a medium one won’t give you big, Hollywood waves like this. And when you’re done, just think of how great it will look with your elegant saree.


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