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3 Glittering Makeup Tutorials To Help Bring Out Your Shine

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Glitter, somehow, has the power to make anything you’re wearing stand out instantly. Ok, so you’re not a 4-year-old girl and you don’t really wear too much glitter. But some of that shine on your eyes and face is never a bad thing. Especially when you’re having a bad hair and/or outfit day.

When it comes to makeup, glitter comes in various forms. Glitter eyeshadows and eyeliners, of course. But there’s also glitter lips for the experimental lot and glittering highlighters to try as well.

Since we’re majorly crushing on the fairy dust-like pigment right now, we decided to show you 3 tutorials to help you get your glitter on.

Keep scrolling, and don’t forget to press play.


1. Malvika Sitlani’s Blue Shimmer Smokey Eye

If you’re ever looking for a nighttime glitter makeup solution, this is the one you need. We’re already so used to creating that classic smokey eye and, for a change, Malvika Sitlani shows us her way to make it really pop. Three to four kinds of blue glitter and matte shadows come in to play while creating this.

But don’t stress, you could totally go the classic way and just use 2 shades. The blue manages to stand out beautifully and, with your hair down or even tied up in a knot, it’s definitely a look that’ll make people stop and stare.


2. Nikkie Tutorials’ Glitter Cut-Crease Liner

So orangy-red isn’t really a colour we’re used to for eyeliner. But the best part about makeup is that you can experiment with it in so many ways, and manage to do something different and unique each time.

Cut-crease is a trend that hit hard last year and, as you can see, we aren’t over it just yet. Nikkie managed to add a graphic touch to her eye makeup with a connecting cut-crease liner and our favourite step — glitter eyeshadow. It’s something you can even try in the day (well, maybe not to work) and definitely at night.


3. Kaushal Beauty’s Glitter Brow & Lash Line

Ok, of course, you can’t do this on a regular basis. So pick one fun, major party you’ve been invited to, and try it out. The whole look is very Coachella (like Kaushal mentions), but if you do just the eyes, you could totally get away with it.

Most people generally use glitter on top of their eyelids, and the main reason we picked this tutorial is because she uses her glitter on the bottom. If you’re not one for the purple and violet shades, just think of how great this would look with a simple black cat eyeliner and gold glitter at the bottom. This is easily on top of our to-try list!


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P.S. Some glitter pigments tend to fall out or even just disappear off your eyes, as you continue wearing them through the day. NYX has a glitter primer you can use to ensure it all stays in place, no matter how long you wear it!


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