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25 Things We’re Spending Our Diwali Money On!

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If there’s one time in the year I love to splurge on myself, it’s after Diwali. All those card part winnings and envelopes from relatives really add up. In addition to that, a lot of brands create special edition packaging that is often clubbed with deals that will help you save big bucks. Check out my list of some of the best deals, budget-buys and splurges you should totally add to your cart RN!


AirPods Pro (Rs 24,900)

Love it or hate it, AirPods are convenient AF and the new, improved AirPods Pro is totally topping our lust-list. It’ll be available in stores after the 30th.

Bobbi Brown makes some of the best complexion products out there and their highlighting powder is the super pigmented, yet easy to blend powders that are a makeup lover’s dream! The brand is giving away this gorgeous pouch, and 2 samples with every order above Rs 3,000.

Need a LBD equivalent of a handbag? Then you need to add this classy crocodile handbag to your cart.

We love a good deal and you get Rs 600 off the OG price when you buy this Diwali special! You get 2 MAC lippies in this kit – ‘Taupe’ a my-lip-but-better nude and ‘All Fired Up’ a pop pink both shades are perfect for day, or night.

This is the only arm-candy we’ll be toting this wedding season. It’s glam, will hold all your things, and looks good with any outfit you choose to pair it with.

Overdosed on heat styling? Then it’s time to show your hair some TLC with this formula. Almond oil and Shea Butter restore shine and condition hair, while Cherry Blossom makes your hair smell irresistible. What’s not to love?

Ghararas are trending and if you’re attending one of your friend’s weddings this year, you’ll want to invest in this set from Global Desi.


One of my favourite things at the end of a long day is lighting a scented candle. Rose is known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, so consider this the most responsible splurge on this list.

Sometimes, all you want to do is splurge on something that you’ll be using all day, every day. As a millennial who is glued to her phone, I find that a Pop Socket makes holding a phone easier, which makes this an investment, don’t you think?

I’ve been a fan of the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum since it launched – the formula is enriched with a variety of antioxidants that protect skin while moisturizing skin. This festive deal allows you to get a Green Tea serum worth Rs 1950 and an Olive cleansing foam worth Rs 670 at a major discount!

The best part of having extra Diwali cash, you can buy things just because you find them cute. Like this pink sling that’s totally adorbs and it’s on sale too!

This new collection from Maybelline has all the nudes you could ever need! If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly present for yourself, then look no further!

How chic is this Satya Paul clutch? I’ve been crushing on Perspex and this bag is ticking all the boxes for me.

So which of these products are you going to splurge on? Let us know!

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