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#HauteHacks: 12 Creative Ways To Rescue A Chipped Manicure Instantly!

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Getting a manicure is one of the most satisfying things ever! It makes your fingers look all neat and pretty, to the point you cannot get your eyes off of ’em. You literally want to flash those nails whenever and wherever you can. Unfortunately that pretty dream meets its untimely death very soon when a chip or smudge kills it.

Oh the pain when that colour wears off in the corner of your nail, or the freshly painted gloss gets smudged into a weird blob — it’s excruciating. You can either cry about it, or take matters into your own hands and get creative.

Here are 12 hacks to fix a chipped manicure that will make you, a messy Betty, look like a manicurist and nail art pro.

#HauteHack 1: If you have chip on the tips of your nails, then file the nails down to where the polish begins.

#HauteHack 2:  If the colour has come off in the upper corners of your nails, then simply dab the same colour polish on it and fill in the gaps.

#HauteHack 3: Create a French tip with another colour and make it stand out.

#HauteHack 4: Colour-block your nails with fun prints, making sure you cover the chipped or smudged areas.

#HauteHack 5: Dab on some glitter polish to the tips of your fingers and gently creating a sparkly glitter gradient.

#HauteHack 6: Turn those chipped nails into a trendy ombre nail by applying a gradient of nail colours on a sponge and dabbing it on the tips.

#HauteHack 7: Using an almost dry nail polish brush, add random strokes on your nails that make them look funky and creative. Be sure to cover the chipped and damaged areas with this technique.

#HauteHack 8: Use bits of nail foil to conceal the chips, while jazzing up your manicure a whole lot.

#HauteHack 9: With a toothpick or a fine pointed nail tool, dot some polka dots on your nails and cover those gaps.

#HauteHack 10: Glam up those nails with some nail jewels, especially on the chipped areas of your nails.

#HauteHack 11: With a pastel colour, stroke the corners of your nails with a flower like shape and create a cute print on them.

#HauteHack 12: Use decals to cover up certain areas of your discoloured nail paint.

To know how to go about with fixing your damaged manicure like a pro, check out the video above!


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