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11 Beauty Tools To Splurge On This Holiday Season

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So December is just around the corner and everyone — and I mean everyone — has already started off the countdown for Christmas, myself included. Yes I know that Christmas is all about giving rather than receiving, but hey… no one ever says no to a wellwisher bearing gifts and goodies! When it comes to beauty products such as makeup, we all have the urge to splurge every now and then (ok, make that quite often!), however, when it comes to all those fancy beauty gadgets and gizmos, we tend to rethink our shopping urges thanks to the heavy price-tag. Even though your mind says yes, your wallet says, “No one needs a supersonic brush to wash their face!” When it comes to funky toys, why should boys have all the fun, after all? Cleansers, exfoliators, manicure kits, hair-dryers, any tech that tickles your fancy, we’ve found them all!

So using the holiday spirit as an excuse to give yourself or your loved one something practical, long-lasting, and with a tad bit of fancy, here are 11 beauty related gadgets you can buy this holiday season!



1. Ciate Geltox Nail Polish Starter Kit (Rs 7,597 approx)

Gel polishes have been on trend this season, however, it can be super annoying to keep going to your nearest salon to get your finger fix. Whether it’s watching out for chips, or booking appointments for fill-ins, getting a professional gel manicure done is time consuming, especially when you don’t have the time. So Ciate’s Geltox starter kit is the perfect way to give yourself that home manicure without the struggle. Getting your digits on point couldn’t get any easier!



2. Clinique Super Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush (Rs 12,500)*

The Super Sonic Cleansing brush by Clinque is an awesome way to get rid of all that awful grime and dirt that sits within the thin layers of your skin. Revealing a healthy and purified glow whilst being extremely gentle on the skin, the brush allows for reaching those difficult nooks and crannies your plain ol’ hands would miss.

*Available at Clinique stores across India.



3. Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer (Rs 39,999)

A hair-dryer without all the visible nuts and bolts and of course the annoying sound — the Dyson Hair Dryer makes the humble old ones look like they’ve come from the stone age. Providing you with a salon-like finish, the Dyson hair dryer is one of the must-have styling tools this season.



4. Forea Luna Mini (Rs 5,496)

The Forea Luna is the answer to all your cleansing problems. By using T-Sonic technology that emits sonic pulsation across your skin’s surface, this device can be used along with your daily cleanser in order to remove makeup, dirt, and excess sebum off your face. Leaving it smoother, cleaner and softer, the Forea Luna has 1,300 touch points made of silicone that totally remove all that stubborn grime, making your skin glow!



5. Foreo Iris Eye Massager (Rs 7,695)

Iron out those wrinkles, smile lines, and crows feet from the corners of your eyes with Foreo’s Eye Massager. Using similar T-Sonic pulsations, this product erases lines, leaving the skin around your eyes looking smoother and tighter.



6. Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Lash Curler (Rs 949)

Don’t we all love to curl our lashes out a little? Well, oddly this Frankenstine-esque device does that for you. The pocket size eyelash curler creates deep curled lashes that have a long-lasting effect. It has extra padding and cushioning just so that you don’t pinch out those flutterers accidentally.



7. No! No! Skin (Rs 11,203)

Utilising the concept of light therapy, this FDA-approved product uses LHE technology in order to combat acne in one go. The light penetrates deep into your pores and stops those breakouts at the source, whilst the heat opens up the pores, calming down inflammations. Nip those pimples in the bud with this one!



8. NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device (Rs 21,984)

The NuFace Toning device is an at-home system that improves your facial contour, evens out skin tone and irons out those wrinkles.



9. PMD Personal Microderm (Rs 9,311)

Microdermabrasion is a process that involves exfoliating the skin, removing the dead layers so that skin appears a lot cleaner and even. The PMD exfoliates similarly, whilst the suction technology vacuums out the dead skin. It is ideally used for acne scar treatment and anti-wrinkle solutions.



10. Rio Deep Pore Facial Cleanser (Rs 8,621)

A pore cleanser that uses micro-current technology to refresh, hydrate, and cleanse your skin. This device not only deep cleanses, but also moisturises and helps with enhancing your skincare regime. Using Galvanic technology, a process that has been used to slow down signs of skin ageing, this device also gently tones your facial muscles, leaving it rejuvenated.



11. Veet Easy Wax Roll-On Kit (Rs 3,004)

Haven’t we all had lethargic moments where we’ve hated going for a waxing appointment at the salon? When hair removal creams or even our trusty razor won’t make the cut, this device will save our lazy arms and legs! Easy to apply, the roll-on kit is the perfect at-home waxing device, for hassle-free epilation.


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